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Barack Obama socked it to Donald Trump Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Dinner. If you haven’t seen it, click on the link above. Whoever wrote this speech for Obama deserves an award. But his delivery and timing is excellent, too. Obama really goes after Trump very nicely, lampooning his position on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” making fun of “birthers,” and getting a lot of laughs from a very jaded crowd. Good for him! No one knows what Trump thought he’d achieve the last few weeks, but it certainly wasn’t this. He’s a smart guy, but he’s gone a long way down the wrong road. And I love Obama’s rebuke of Matt Damon– very funny.

On Trump: also poked fun at him over faked moon landings and the whereabouts of dead rappers Biggie and Tupac. Obama also showed a rebranded Trump White House as a hotel-spa.

Meantime, Vanity Fair and Bloomberg’s annual after party drew a lot of stars including Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johannson, Kerry Washington, Salma Hayek, and director Joel Coen.

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  1. Pres Obama and Seth Meyers roasted that turkey at the perfect temperature. DONALD you got served,take it like a man if u know how? Now please let our President do what we elected him to do, help this country get out of the ditch which republicans ran us into. God Bless our Pres – who he put as our leader.

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