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Julia Roberts is back in New York, kids. Over the weekend the Roberts posse made itself known in Greenwich Village at Roberts’s new address. On Saturday, several big black SUVs and security guards appeared in the street where Julia is now residing. They made enough of a spectacle to bring attention to the fact that Julia had arrived. The drivers blocked traffic on the narrow street to load children’s car seats. A little party ensued at Julia’s penthouse apartment, where a new awning has sprung up as well as large, bushy plants on the terrace. On Sunday, more people were in and out of Roberts’ new pad, including Madonna manager Guy Oseary.

The party preceded a showing at the Tribeca Film Festival of a movie Roberts and her sister Lisa produced called “Jesus Henry Christ.” The film is directed by Dennis Lee, with cinematography by Julia’s husband, Danny Moder. Michael Sheen and Toni Collette star. Hopefully this Roberts-Moder collaboration will get a distributor. A prior outing, called “Fireflies in the Garden,” has never been released in the United States even though Roberts is in the film. It was also directed by Dennis Lee. Interestingly, “Jesus Henry Christ” was the title of a short film also directed by Dennis Lee, in 2003. It had a different plot, and similarly named characters, but was then based on a short story by indie filmmaker Joe Turner Lin.

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  1. It can not go anywhere without attracting attention wherever it goes? That sense can not be blocking a street or security guards, if a person acts with discretion and without attracting attention I doubt anyone will bother.

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