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Simon Cowell is now saying what I told you last August: Paula Abdul will join him as a judge on “X Factor” this fall. This was known last summer. Here’s the link to my original story: http://www.showbiz411.com/2010/08/09/paula-abdul-will-join-simon-cowell-on-x-factor When “X Factor” was conceived for America, this much was already on the table. Simon and Paula’s reunion is the single biggest publicity hook that “X Factor” has when it makes its American debut. Add to those judges L.A. Reid, who by September will be a Sony Music executive, and Brit singer Cheryl Cole. Will Mariah Carey pop in and make appearances? Possibly. She’d be the anti-Jennifer Lopez.

But here’s the reality: Cowell expected “American Idol” to tank in the ratings once he was gone. For a while he was right. But then the drama of a couple of good contestants really helped. And Steven Tyler turned out to be enough of his own  X factor that people have wanted to see what he’ll do each week. Jennifer Lopez–not a singer, but looking radiant every week, and expressing sympathy and encouragement to all players–is doing well. So Cowell needs his biggest gun. That’s Paula.

Reps, etc can say that Simon has been toying with different names for a long time. But I was told about Paula last summer, and it’s coming to pass.

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  1. X Factor will be amazing!

    I miss Paula and Simon, LA will be a much better Randy, and Cheryl is so beautiful! I could stare at her all night!

  2. I was never a huge fan of American Idol but I did watch sometimes and keep up with the show. The biggest factor in that was Simon and Paula. The only time I watched Idol since Paula left was Simon’s last show. I can’t say I will be a regular viewer of X-Factor but I can say I’ll be looking forward to the premiere of it and will definetly be giving it a chance. I doubt I’ll watch Idol again unless something major happens.

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