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I know you’re dying to hear how Charlie Sheen‘s day went. So here it is: in Los Angeles, he lost his custody motion with ex wife and recovering addict Brooke Mueller. The judge did not think their twin boys should be with Daddy on his “Violent Torpedoes of Truth” tour while Mommy was in rehab. So Sheen was thwarted, thank goodness, in that move. He had to skedaddle back to Washington DC for his show in that city at DAR Constitution Hall. So his lawyers had to argue in another L.A. court whether Sheen’s lawsuits with Warner Bros. should be arbitrated or heard by a jury. Sheen wants a jury because in Hollywood, stars win. But the case will likely go to mediation. He got to DC in time to start the show an hour late–it would have  been a half hour late anyway, so what’s the diff? He was heckled, there was booing, people left. A Washington journalist who was Tweeting said the only celebs in the audience were those now famous Washington party crashers. Dan Zak notes: “Geez, everybody hates everything,” Sheen says as restive crowd catcalls nearly every line of his or his radio host interviewer. And the beat goes on.

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  1. Nothing like a delusional, bipolar, woman-beating, drug addict.

    This moron actually believed that there was a judge stupid enough to award him custody of two toddlers, living in a house with two strumpets, ranting and raving.

    Charlie, not everybody out there is as stupid as you.

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