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Donald Trump is starting to make me worry–about him. Always boastful, he never sounded really nuts. But since this run for the presidency thing started, he’s sounding more and more like Charlie Sheen–wired, manic, and not in possession of the facts. On Fox News, he announced to Sean Hannity, “I’ve written a lot of bestsellers, including the Art of the Deal. I know something about writing”–as he declared that neither Barack Obama nor Ernest Hemingway wrote their own books.

Uh, Donald forgets: Tony Schwartz wrote Donald’s real bestseller, “The Art of the Deal,” in 1988. Meredith McIver wrote several of the others including “How to Get Rich,” “Think Success,” “Trump 101,” and so on. Every single book published by Donald Trump and listed on amazon has a co-author’s name right on its cover–it’s not like Trump was trying to hide it. Only book, a collection of aphorisms from other business people–lists Trump solo.

So what’s going on? Why is Trump just getting more and more manic, and why isn’t Roger Ailes putting a cap on it? Is it ratings? Because it’s not making any sense, from the birth certificate stuff to this. If only Trump could be in a debate with Hemingway at his peak–a little time travel debate. I’d like to hear Donald ask Ernest for his birth certificate!

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  1. I can’t beleive that trump with his thin skin could make it through a campaign without out getting personal with his opponents,and,really turning people off.

  2. Just imagine Trump’s latest trophy wife as First Lady. I don’t think so. Trump gives new meaning to the phrase “deluded egomaniac”.

  3. Trump didnt write his books but Obama obviously had a co-writer as well.

    His first book was delayed year beyond the promised date in the advance.

    Nothing wrong with it either way, except when people deny it.

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