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Charlie Sheen‘s second show in Toronto is sounding pretty interesting. According to Twitter reports from Canadian student @Brent Stapleton: from the show, he’s told the audience that he wants to drop his lawsuit against CBS and go back to work. Sheen is starting to sound desperate, maybe because of CBS and Warner Bros.’s public stance against him. He’s also told the audience that he’s in a fight with brother Emilio Estevez. As for his old buddy Tom Cruise: “Too bad he worships the Church of the Martian Idiot.” It’s interesting to see the reaction of the crowd through Twitter. One poster, called Sixquick M Weathers, writes: “Boy talk about fake #CharlieSheen done talked all this smack and now he trying 2 get his gig back. What a chump”

The audience is on to him. If Sheen surrenders and somehow manages to talk his way back into his job, where does that leave all these people who spent all this money to support him rebellion? Nowhere I guess.

Other bon mots lobbed tonight: Kelly Preston, the girlfriend whom he accidentally shot years ago–“I didn’t shoot her. She had an accident with a gun in my pants.”

Earlier in the day, Sheen staged an impromptu march in downtown Toronto from his hotel to support people with Bi Polar disorder. He has denied being bi polar, but many experts and psychiatrists have said his actions are consistent with the disorder. Who knows? Maybe Sheen is thinking he’ll admit the condition and beg forgiveness based on that, thanks to Catherine Zeta Jones‘s brave statement this week. It’s worth a try, certainly.

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  1. The desperation you now here in Charlie Sheen’s voice is that of a guy with FIVE children to support, throw in a bunch of ex-wives, houses, cars, jets, etc., and NO PAYCHECK.

    You’re done Charlie. As for his being bipolar, he most definitely is. Undiagnosed people with this disorder often self-medicate — as Charlie clearly has been doing.

    And finally, the “fight” between him and his brother Emilio is about the endless embarrassment that Charlie has put his family through. Every question they receive — regardless of what the interview topic is, ends up being about crackhead Charlie.

    I think that the bottom is getting closer and closer to Charlie. And he realizes it.

  2. Thats a really good point! If he gets his job back the tour and rebellion are pointless! He never had anything to rebel against!

    I think hes surprised the offers for other things aren’t rolling in. He needs to go back to the only success hes had in 20 years.

  3. Mr. Freidman, do you think there’s any hope for him? He looks terrible. It’s possible that if he hits any more “bottom”, he might be gone permanently. What a waste of talent.

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