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For a few years now there have been rumors that Courtney Love would exec produce a movie about Nirvana. Or at least her life with Kurt Cobain. I saw Courtney last night at Mr. H’s, the lounge in the Soho Mondrian Hotel. She missed the screening of the surprisingly smart satire, “Scream 4,” but made the party.

And another surprise: Courtney looked great. She’s in good shape, fixing up a townhouse in the West Village, making videos underwritten by Prada, and acting a little more serene than usual. Good for her.

I introduced Courtney to “Gossip Girl” star Matthew Settle, and later we wound up chatting with Meryl Streep’s two successful acting daughters, Mamie Gummer and Grace Gummer. Meantime, Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, strolled through–he’d hosted the screening at the Crosby Street Hotel with “Scream” star David Arquette, who was also in the room and looking as dapper as Fitty. Harvey Weinstein was pleased that “Scream 4” went over so well. (It’s a lot of fun.) “Precious” star Gabby Sidibe held court in the back room.

But back to Courtney: she tells me that the Nirvana film is still a live project, and she still hopes that James McAvoy and Scarlett Johansson will play Kurt and Courtney. David Benioff has a script Courtney likes, apparently. Who will direct and will produce remain the big topics for discussion. I know I want to see this movie!

As for “Scream 4,” it is a scream. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson went back to the original, and recaptured the wit and satire. Arquette, wife (?) Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell are all back and just fine. Adam Brody has a cameo as a cop, Marley Shelton is very funny also in nitwitted police force, and Hayden Panetierre and Emma Roberts are standouts as are Mary McDonnell, Rory Culkin, and Anthony Andersen. (It’s a well cast film for a horror spoof.)

And yes, the door is left open for Scream 5, 6, and 7. And trust me, they’re coming.


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  1. If anyone should tell Kurt’s story its his own daughter Frances. She has a fresh set of eyes and perhaps the yearning of fans to know whom her father really was. Its touching, symbolic and heralds a new era just like Nirvana did 20 years ago. All that plus it wouldn’t be judgmental and/or perhaps lead to any vice relapse with the slightest hint of success. There are a whole generation of young women ahead of her that already know all the trappings of being a celeb’s daughter. Some of whom and their entire family have had their not so pleasant run-ins with Courtney. So that there would be group support and a wall of silence against any already 86’d unpleasantries.

  2. Oh great. Another vehicle for Courtney to spin her re-wrote history with Kurt. Anything telling their story that has Ms Love’s stamp of approval or is
    written/directed by her, will be her drug ravished brain’s version. All the truly bad stuff she’ll leave out. She’ll put in bad stuff like drig experiences because can identify or at least not feel hostile towatd her. But the parts where she slept around while married, and was very mean to Kurt…-no way! I won’t be wasting money on seeing it.

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