Home Television Regis Philbin New Show? Not Unless It’s Once a Week

Regis Philbin has no plans to do a new daily show to compete with his current one. Contrary to reports, Philbin’s future work will be things that require a few days’ worth of taping, or a game show like “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.” Right now Philbin, who turns 80 in August, isn’t looking to ramp up to a full time schedule. He currently only works three to four days a week and has massive amounts of vacation–as it should be. I would guess the last thing Regis wants–and for that matter, his wife, Joy wants–is a grueling schedule of a start up five day a week schedule. Look for Regis to take high paying, classy low impact stints in the future, my sources say. And in prime time, not at 9 in the morning! PS If only Disney and ABC had made him a proper offer to keep going with Kelly Ripa in the morning–then we wouldn’t have these issues to write about!

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