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“Warlock magic” isn’t working. After gigs in New York, Ohio, Chicago, and Connecticut, the ticket prices for Charlie Sheen‘s “show” have dropped to an all time low. In Boston, there were about 80 tickets available on Stub Hub for less than $50– some even on the floor. The bottom price as of Monday morning is a stunning $15. Last night, commenting on a Hartford Courant website, some kids wrote in and claimed that they paid $5 apiece to go to the Connecticut show. One guest bragged about getting in for free. As Sheen’s debacle moves forward, things are getting worse. There are a total of 885 seats available for the Boston show. In Atlanta there are 388, Dallas 367. In Atlantic City, where every show plays to a captive audience, there are 263 at Trump Taj Mahal.  There are still 530 remaining for tonight’s rematch at Radio City Music Hall, where the bottom price is $33. My advice to people with bad seats: look around in the orchestra. There were plenty of no-shows on Friday.

photo c2011 Ann Lawlor/Showbiz411

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  1. Thank you Tom for the clarification. This pretty much means 2500 seats x $100 = WINNING!!!! If I could do a few shows like that I would never work again.

    Who paid you, Roger, for writing such a biased article?

  2. Just a clarification, if I might, Mr. Friedman – if there are only 885 seats left in Boston, that means he’s sold the bulk of the tickets – according to the seating info, Agganis Arena, where he’s playing in Boston, holds 3500 or so in that configuration. So he’s sold almost 2/3 of them, not bad for a nut case…:-)

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