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What’s left of Charlie Sheen took the stage at Radio City Music Hall on Friday night a half hour late. The theater was not full. I managed to move down from Row T to Row RR, two free seats on the aisle and there were plenty around me.

And those people booed Sheen from the beginning despite a half-hearted standing greeting. The “show”–it’s not a show, but an interview with a friend–lasted under an hour including a ten minute or so video in which Sheen has re-recorded his answers in an ABC interview, demeaning and mocking reporter Andrea Canning. When ABC News gets a load of this, it will be yanked.

Sheen was prodded by his friend on stage to tell stories–salacious ones, please– but came up with very little. Gone was the fast talking Thesaurus of a human being. He was either very stoned or completely not stoned; Sheen seemed like he’d prefer to be asleep. The audience jeered him, and he cussed back at them for not listening closely. To what, I don’t know. Sheen’s major themes are that he’s had a lot of sex with hookers, strippers, and the like–which isn’t hard, if you pay them. And that he’s done a lot of drugs, which we know.

On stage, he lit up a cigarette despite New York City anti-smoking laws. Or maybe because of them. (Photo c2011 Ann Lawlor/Showbiz411)

Gone now are the diatribes at ex wife Denise Richards. He informed the audience he’d received lawyer’s letter, and so it’s over. Instead he took shots at Oliver Stone, the Weinsteins, and even his own brother, Emilio Estevez. “Is Emilio here?” he asked early on. “I thought we banned him.”

Putting on sunglasses, Sheen told the audience he wanted his job on “Two and A Half Men” back. He offered an open invitation to the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, to come on Sunday to Radio City and hash it out with him. Sheen asked the audience, didn’t they want him to return? There was very little enthusiasm, and a lot of booing. A shirtless male fan ran down the center aisle, waving his t-shirt over his head. He was followed by a young woman. They were caught by security and removed.

Otherwise, the audience–buzzed on beer served everywhere in the theater– was nonplussed. This is New York, and so they waited for Sheen to produce some reason for their $100-plus tickets. He had nothing. Time and time again, the interviewer tried to start new areas of conversation, only to be shot down. Sheen did recall that at age 9 he explained what the Prince song “Head” meant, to his parents. No one bought it. He called the New York hooker he got in trouble with, Capri Anderson, a “hosebag.” Nicolas Cage is “a genius who went broke” and also revived the term “goddess.”

Also: “Tiger Blood” is a reference to a scene in “Apocalypse Now,” his father’s film. Dennis Hopper, he says, was “high on 97 tabs of acid all day” while making that movie, too. He said he’d been “Weintsteined” by Harvey and Bob, who evidently forced him to make “Scream 3.” And he railed against Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” sequel, saying it was so bad they used a line from the first film for this one’s subtitle: “Money Never Sleeps.”

The only, ahem, celebrity, in the audience was Kelly Benssimon, of “The Real Housewives of New York City.” But three blazing blondes, all strippers with extraordinary fake breasts, shiny manicures, and stiletto heels sat front and center. They were like characters from a modern “Guys and Dolls.”

It was, as a friend of mine likes to say, a “shit- show.”

Outside Radio City, when the show was over, two young women were hailing cabs. They’d paid $70 apiece for their tickets. One of them said, “I felt like I was watching Charlie Sheen dying…on stage.”

Here’s the link to the spoof video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LtBSqGzi3o&feature=player_embedded

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  1. Compare what Charlie Sheen is doing with his life, to what Brad Pitt is doing with his. Pitt cooperates with his wife, takes care of his kids, makes movies and spends time and money on good causes.

  2. Sorry to say this, but would he just OD already. Enough of him and this crap, and why is anyone paying attention to him.. Lets all treat him like the little child he is and stop rewarding and applauding him for his horrid behavior. If he makes it the next 10 years of his life I bet we read about him being broke and homeless.

  3. $18 dollars to see Charlie Sheen? Why not give $5 bucks to the crazy homeless guy on the corner. At least the crazy homeless guy is more coherent and more likely to be grateful.

  4. Apparantly the economy isn’t as bad it’s reported to be. Whenever people will spend $70 to see this twit after knowing his show in Detroit was a bomb and a waste of money, it’s hard to feel sorry for them. Unless you have too much money and time on your hands, and need either a good laugh, or deep desire to feel good about yourself why would you pay to see this idiot incoherently rant?

  5. It’s hard to understand why anybody would pay anything to listen to him.

    Seriously. A hundred bucks? What could he possibly say that would be worth that, or anything?

  6. He is an embarrassment to his family. Hollywood should banish him forever.
    He needs to be committed as should anyone that is promoting him
    As for those that bought tickets to his so called show
    GET A LIFE!!!

  7. There is something incongruous here. If New Yorkers are stupid enough to pay $100 to see this Bozo, they must be stupid enough to think that what he has to say is funny.

  8. It’s all about bottom line, so if anyone believes they can make money out of him, they’ll hire him. Why do you think he’s on stage now?

    His venom, drinking, drug habits, woman beating is just all sad. Also, he does not respect his metiér. You don’t go on stage with nothing but your personality, you create a real show and rehearse it.

  9. Charley, your not as widely accepted as you might believe, poor Carlos, you need to turn your life around, try Jesus Christ, it worked for me, I hope you read these comments, some for, and some against you, as you can see you are losing your popularity at lightning speed, “remember” the size of our funeral depends on the weather, I wish you well, and I sincerely hope you get your life together.

  10. Charlie is living proof that you don’t need talent to make money in this country. You just need a gimmick, display it and they will come.

  11. And where is Martin Sheen in all this? Doesn’t he realize his son is self-destructing and his father is so f-ing narcissistic that instead of sitting down with his own son and guiding him back to sanity and civility he’s doing what narcissistic, self absorbed fathers have done throughout history…ignoring the sh*t out of their own sons thereby forcing them to try and get the attention and love they crave by f*cking up his life and doing ever more outrageous acts. Grow some b*lls Martin, stop thinking about yourself you damaged *ss and go parent your g*d damn son. Put the time and energy into him so that he feels like he’s a human being that matters and isn’t hiding behind this arrogant narcissistic facade that he puts on. Narcissistic douchebags aren’t born…they’re made…by *sshole self absorbed fathers like Martin Sheen. He’ll only ‘get it’ when Charlie is dead.

  12. Its amazing to me that people (Ahhh, New Yorkers!) can be duped into this crap. Then when asked after the show, they have the stunned reaction that is sucked. Whomever paid for, never mind went to, a pathetic event such as this, only wanted to be “in the moment” with the latest Hollywood druggie/loser. The same people who rallied around Britney Spears a couple of years ago. Sheen was right…at least he got your money. That said, he’s a pathetic shitbag too.

  13. I’ve gone from hating Charile Sheen to realizing that he’s very sick, possibly possessed. He needs prayers and so does his father Martin Sheen who is a good and decent man who is no doubt suffering mightily (along with his wife and the rest of the family) due to Charlie’s behavior.. To Martin and his wife, I say – Remember this -” Raise up a child the way he should go, and WHEN HE IS OLD, he will not depart from your ways.” – Charlie WILL make a turn-around some day. Let’s pray for that.

  14. Thanks for the review, not much else to say is there? After watching his rant for free on the web, it sounds exactly like his “show” so anyone who continues to complain about paying for his show from here on out is officially a whining idiot and gets what they deserve. WINNING!

  15. Well, I guess we can say it. He will be unemployed for a long damn time, sued out of his ass and another failure that commits suicide… All bodes well in shit town Hollywood, except Charlie Sheen takes the fast track to a coffin.. Was once a fan, will hope he gets help, buy say the less, he will soon be in a pine box… So be it if he continues this nightmare of his down fall from a top show..

  16. Sheen is like Brad Pitt’s insane character from 12 Monkeys. Except on drugs and with a shitload of cash for reading lines that someone else wrote. Sheens “performance” basically turned Radio City Music Hall into a giant colostomy bag.

  17. Soon he will be back on the Beach doing a show, if you call Jersey Shores a Beach. Rumor has it, he will be the opening act for Snooki.

    Don’t worry Charlie, there is always NPR reporting

  18. It occurs to me after watching the video:

    A) I have wasted too much time on this dude

    B) was that Baba Booey in the REO Speedwagon entourage?

    C) this dude is bored, rich, and winning so far as I can tell… say what u want

    Ur still watching……

  19. Charlie has never had to live in the real world.

    Never had to support himself in a real job,

    Never had to deal with life in a sober state.

    Dude has problems.

    ….and his clueless Godesses are headed for a sad ending….

  20. Typical NYC people. Will pay $100 for a ticket that they know will be a bomb of a show while bragging about their $3 million apartments that would fit into my LA closet. And haa-ha Lindsey (Lohan) is moving there.

    Charlie Sheen stinks worse then the NYC subways and that is saying a lot.

  21. His greatest contribution to entertainment was in “Scary Movie 3”. I like how he is a rebel now and goes off on Hollywood douchebags. Hollywood and all of the ‘stars’ give the libs something to talk about. Frikin freaks

  22. Sheesh! People can be heartless and cruel! Give the guy a break! He’s up against a hollywood demolition machine and he’s having a few bad spasms while attempting to climb out of the hole …

  23. Nonsense.

    Buying a ticket to see Charlie Sheen is like playing the lottery. You’re probably going to lose, but it’s exciting to think about the #winning.

    In five years, people will be bragging about how they were among the lucky few who saw Sheen in person during his last days.

  24. I have no sympathy for the people who purchased tickets and then were disappointed. What do you guys think you were getting? He is a has-been and nothing more.

    What a pathetic LOSER!

  25. Ever tightening circles around the drain, witnessed by his fans. We did not get to watch the process that took Hendricks, Joplin, Morrison, Presley…Oh, wait, those folks had real talent, not a famous father and, didn’t make awkward, pointless gestures with their hands while performing. So, it does’nt matter.


  26. The Charlie Crash and Burn continues unabated. At first, I found his whole rant thing kind of refreshing in some ways and very entertaining in others. But he most publicly and rudely attacked Denise Richards, and she has more class in her pinky fingernail than he has in his whole body. I can also tell you that having five brothers, you don’t rail against family in public. I’ve always liked Emilio, ever since REPO MAN And BREAKFAST CLUB. Watching Charlie now is more like taking in a stage performance of Hamlet. It’s just all downhill from here. Any wagers on whether the Tiger Blood tour gets canceled before it’s through?

  27. Charlie Sheen is as common as dirt. All his fans will think he is a common, drug addicted piece of vermin and that is being kind to what he really is. My prediction is that within a year’s time, the T

    Charlie Sheen will be but a memory a year from now. He will never return to
    TWO AND A HALF MEN because he has lost his fans. He is a common, drug addicted idiot and why would anyone bother to watch him on TV. He LOL says he wants to return to the show. After his rude, common remarks about the producer Chuck Lorre, I doubt whether any producer would even consider him for a job. Charlie, you have a fat mouth and a tiny brain and there are talented people in good comedy currently on TV so why would anybody watch the like of you.

  28. Wow, 2 comments. Showbiz411 must have one of those “open discussion” policies. Is the “comment” field merely to gather email addresses?

  29. Toss another lie into the sewage being spewed by this moron. Prince’s “Head” came out in 1980. Carlos “Charlie Sheen” Estevez was 15 in 1980. Losing…

  30. Ah, c’mon…ya get what you pay for! It seems as though the customers are disappointed that Charlie – in his drug induced state – didn’t entertain them enough —

    maybe he does have to die on stage, just so they get their money’s worth.

  31. What a sorry piece of shit he is…Totally worthless as a human being which he is not…His fathers creation…The Jerrican should be very proud of his parenting skills. Charoie is apparently fighting his inner turmoils not knowing or wanting to show his true gayness….Come out douche bag…Your jewish ancestors including the Weinsteins will be very proud of you…A real cork soaker you are….

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