Home Television “Mad Men” Gets 3 Year Renewal, Deal Done, Hallelujah

Our long period of national suffering is over. Matt Weiner has a three year deal, “Mad Men” goes back into production, and we get three more seasons of the show. The deal was announced right after I went in to see Robin Williams in “Bengal Tiger” on Broadway, of course. It turns out that’s what the vibrating was about.

I started writing about the “Mad Men” ordeal months ago, everyone else jumped in the pool, and by the time it came to an end a publicist was involved who made everything just a little bit worse.

But it’s good news because “Mad Men” will return a year from now, and then again maybe in the fall of 2012, and the spring of 2013. Don Draper will be wearing mutton chop sideburns by the time it’s all over, and bell bottoms. Sally Draper will be Patty Hearst, and — good news–Betty will burn her bra. My prediction: the show will end at my bar mitzvah, June 13, 1970, with Don and Betty, reunited, as part of the candle lighting. Note to Matt Weiner: the band played “Sunshine of Your Love” all the kids drank screw drivers.

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