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I’ve been writing about “Mad Men” and Matthew Weiner’s problems there for some time. So it came as no shock today that AMC announced it was going forward with a fifth season even though it doesn’t have an agreement with Weiner. The cable network — so lucky to have “Mad Men–doesn’t seem to get it. They proposed things to Weiner like cutting two full time cast members and shaving minutes off each episode for more commercials. Greed is no stranger to TV executives and networks but this takes the cake. “Mad Men,” if Weiner’s deal is ever done, won’t be back on the air until nine months from now at least. Ridiculous. AMC blew a whole year by not acting professionally. If HBO hadn’t passed on “Mad Men,” they’d be doing everything they could to keep it on the air as often as possible, AMC has literally pissed away all its good will with the public. It’s also hung up Weiner, his crew and cast for months for nothing. Cut two characters? Not on your life. More commercials? AMC should be taking pleasure in its future syndication and DVD plans, not trying to bleed the show before its done. What a shame. In TV History, AMC will now be remembered as the network that didn’t know enough to get out of its own way.

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  1. Well, stop and think for a minute, “who owns AMC?” Cablevision does and who owns most of Cablevision? The fine folks who have gutted the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers, Radio City Music Hall etc et al…in other words, look no further than James Dolan….

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