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EXCLUSIVE: Madonna‘s “religion” and the main object of her charity giving, the Kabbalah Centre, is being investigated by the IRS. Sources tell me that a federal grand jury has been convened to ask questions about the organization. I’ve personally spoken to two people who were served subpoenas from the grand jury, being held at the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York.

The targets of the investigation, sources tell me, are the Kabbalah Centre, Raising Malawi, and the Berg family–mother Karen and sons Yehuda and Michael, who own the company. Madonna, they say, is aware of the grand jury. The pop star has given millions–not “loaned” as some reports say–to the Kabbalah Centre and its offshoots SFK and Raising Malawi. In 2008-2009, she donated $2.5 million to them.

This may be yet another reason that she hired top gun pr specialist Mark Fabiani through the Kabbalah Centre. As I told you this weekend, the Kabbalah Centre is being sued in Los Angeles for $20 million by Courtenay Geddes, a wealthy donor who claims now that she was swindled by the Centre and the Bergs. Madonna is being sued in Malawi by the board of directors of her cancelled school project for Raising Malawi, her charitable effort there with the Kabbalah Centre.

One of the things the grand jury might be asking about is who actually does the bookkeeping for the Kabbalah Centre, Raising Malawi, and SFK. The two women who’ve handled the business in house are said to be the daughters of Karen Berg, the leader of all the organizations and wife of Philip Berg, known as the “Rav.”

Carly Sullivan of the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan said the office could neither confirm or deny anything about grand jury proceedings.


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  1. This is a Satanic cult following the perverted teaching of Aleister Crowley. They have apologists who spread propaganda on websites such as this about how wonderful Kabbalah is. The true story is that they worship the Devil. Don’t believe me? Google search “Crowley,” “Kabbalah,” and “Satanist.”

  2. Nothing in any religious doctrine could have taught me what I have learned at the Kabbalah Centers. I am a Christian, and have come closer to Christ. Because the precious Book that contains His heart, has a Soul, and it’s called the Zohar.

  3. To all Kabbalah students. Don’t mix up the issues. Kabbalah is great! The Zohar is great!
    The issue is about Karen Berg steeling charity money. It is the disgrace she brings upon the Center and about the members of the community. It is about accountability, transparency and about democracy. You’ll have to carry the mark of shame and disgrace as long as you stay silent and allow tyranny to rule your community. What about the rules of a free society as it was in the Torah and as it is the foundation of justice in our world today.
    The scandals will continue till the demise of the Center or till you revolt and save your community and your vision.

  4. I have taken classes at the Kabbalah Centre for a few years now. It has been great for me. The positivity of the teachings and the diversity of the participants is truly inspirational.

  5. i can only imagine that neither “Billy” nor “Moshe” actually know anything about learning or Judaism. The people cited by Billy were not all accepted as leaders in the Jewish world. not only that, but the zohar and other books of mysticism are not meant to be revealed to random people on the street. there are rules as to who can teach it, whom they can teach it to, how to teach it, when to teach it. by simply opening up the doors to every tom dick and harry who walk in off the streets the centre has made itself into something to be shunned. nobody will pay back big time for anything, those are just the words of a cult follower who is seeing his master go down. and that’s what this place is, a cult, no different than all the others, they just want your money. there is no source in Judaism for “kabbala water” or pink tfillin as madonno was reported to have bought. all they want is money, to advertise for their cult and keep the cycle going.

  6. Moses Chaim Luzzatto was called evil, a heretic and was officially excommunicated, Moses De Leon was called a fraud, a charlatan and an illegal profiteer, Isaac Luria, slandered, the Baal Shem Tov despised and declared an outlaw and thus banned by the religious authority, Rav Yehuda Brandwein was scorned and banned from the bus transportation system in Israel, Rav Yehuda Ashlag was beaten on the steps of his synagogue. Today they are all revered as giants of Torah and spirituality. Such is the life of a true Kabbalist. Out of the millions whose lives have been enriched and transformed by the Centre, a handful who refused to give up the ego, as Kabbalah instructs, spews out negativity. The Zohar says its exactly what happened at Sinai and the Golden Calf. Will the Jews ever learn to stop the lies and slandering and simply give up the ego for the sake of the rest of the world?

  7. I admit I have no idea what Kabbalah is, how old it is, or their background story, but I do hate that religion has the tax-exempt status. EVERY single religion today is a BUSINESS. They must be taxed. Obviously, they’d take advantage of the laws that do not require them to pay taxes, but why would they need so much money, when each and every religion on earth promotes living a simple life, void of any physical riches. I 100% approve these investigations into religion. I bet they’re as crooked as politicians!

  8. Who cares? Madonna has not been relevent since “Borderline” where she sang about all the illegals crossing the border and ending up in East L.A.!!!

    I’m so funny. Seriously.

  9. Ridiculous! Kabbalah is not a religion. It’s Jewish mysticism, and is supposed to be studied only after you’ve fully learned all of the Torah and Talmud and other teachings. Without the foundation, Kabbalah is a bunch of feel-good hooey. And these Hollywood people totally eat it up! I’m going to create my own feel-good religion and wait for the millions to pour in. Anyone want to volunteer to be my accountant?

  10. I get a kick how these bleeding heart celebrities get all wrapped up in a”feel good” LIE. They don’t properly investigate their causes, yet they think they can save the world! Remember Bono and his fund raising for Aids in Africa and he was strong arming governments to give more. He started a foundation of his own raising millions and about 10 cents made it to Africa. Remember Oprah’s school for girls in Africa and the scandals? But what sums it up best is Sean Penn in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina bailing our his leaking boat with a red Dixie cup as he goes to save the day. Now he’s in Haiti saving it. Why did he abandon New Orleans??? I applaud their good intentions, but they aren’t very smart people.You always have to understand who you’re dealing with. I bet they sure do a great job of knowing who they are dealing with when they are in contract negotiations for their next big multi-million dollar deal! But what is really good about this whole thing, is when the celebrities get involved in do good “scams”, it blow up in a big fashion when it blows. It makes the head lines and the lies are exposed once and for all because big names are involved….but sadly, not big brains. Again, I know that many times it goes beyond a photo op and headlines for them when they get involved in these efforts, and I’m sure on the most part they are really TRYING to change the world. So thank you Madonna for loaning you name to expose the scam. I know that this wasn’t a long term covert goal of yours, but the spot light followed you….right into the sewer… of what you thought was a wonderful cause.

  11. Kabbalah and Scientology are interchangable, Let someone who speaks tongue translate the meaning of life for you..Love to everyone, Have you eaten your daily requirement of vegtables. How about fibre. .

  12. In case anyone still had confidence in Madonna’s intelligence and discernment, now you got the proof – a grandstanding, pompous fool of liberal gesticulation ensnared by some Los Angeles crooks. And this affair nicely defines all Madonna’s pastlefty @ liberal pronouncements and political posturings. This is Michael Moore, and this is Madonna – some idiots – let the Bergs go free!

  13. I have taken classes at the Kabbalah Center in Florida and the students are of all faiths, races and backgrounds. The teachings are so very positive with the awareness that we are each resposible for everything that happens in our life, that everything that happens, happens for us, not to us, obstacle in our life are to make us stronger and wiser.The understanding that we are all soul and united and we all share the light of the creator. We are in this life to evolve, to love and to share! Nothing negative!

  14. Ha Ha … these con-artists are finally going to get theirs – and double-HA-HA on the fools who paid these fraudsters for their fake religion

    If you need some absolutist set of rules to live by based upon someone else’s interpretation of ancient texts in forgotten languages to live your life by – which only “exists” in your own imagination – then you are not only in an existential crisis, you are f*cked up mess of a human being

  15. Kabbalah is not judaism, its the ancient Greek mystical religions with a sprinkling of Hebrew to be peddled as pablum to the secular jewish masses.

    That it attracted a goy like Madonna is proof. Shes as jewish as my cat.

  16. All mystical religions have one over riding theme in common, at least in the United States. Be they traveling tent preachers, snake charmers or your run of the mill Great News Mystics like Jim Jones. They all mysticaly make your money go away. And in doing so, answer all the questions you need answering while making you feel good about it. And the more miney The happier you will be.

    Tis a merical !!!!!!!!!! Give me a Amen, Hallelujah!!!!!

  17. The Hypocrisy of the Stars that cry about bringing hope, charity, and a brave new world dwarfs than inner selfishness. Madonna expects us to believe she is in control all the time, her thoughts are superior to others, and no one should judge her on past actions.

    Yet, when Madonna creates a charity for children and appoints her friends that exploit the money raised for them and their own selfish indulgences, well, shame on all of them.

    The abandon the children for their own personal greed, gluttony, sloth, and pride. Hope the IRS comes down on them as the cowards, corrupt and hypocrites they are and right in the same league as Bernie Madoff.

    They have no shame and Madonna is responsible for she has some aimless infatuation with fame and fortune, which, for the moment, she feels like indulging with African children and never understanding it,’s missing everything that matters.

    What really matters in this world is not material possessions but trust, responsibility, taking the weight for your choices and feelings, and spending the rest of your life living up to them.

    Above all, not hurting the object of your love. Madonna never had these traits of true character just another flamed out dame of fame, growing old now and taking advantage of lesser people that require help such as those children.

    Madonna will hire the right lawyers be free of this mess and go onto her gluttony of life, but time is running out, the people that did this are pigs, nothing but pigs at the troth of fame.

  18. this guy berg has been a fraud all his life. His name isn’t even berg its gruberger. His own children from his first marriage even changed their name so as not to be associated with this creep.

  19. The Kabbalah is based on luciferian teachings, don’t fool yourself. Pure satanic ritualistic mystisim. Why would Crowley be involved if it’s not.Google Madonna’s video “frozen” and watch the entire thing. Very evil video where she morphs into black animals or black vapor. Or watch the video “the anitchrist consperacy”- it explains kabbalistic teachings pretty well. This “religion” is for only those who believe that lucifer is coming back or may already be back.

  20. How many people on this comment section have even taken the time to read so much as/so little as 1 book published from the Kabbalah Center?

    I can say with 100% certainty that anyone who read the books published by the Kabbalah center would not be here slandering it and professing it guilty of tax evasion, embezzlement, being a cult, the member being creeps, kabbalah being off limits to the profane-uneducated-uninitiated, etc…would instead want to know more and withhold judgment until the facts come out.

    No one who had even a 1% understanding of Kabbalah would be here slandering it-and that includes atheists and those who can not stand religion.

  21. Christianity has freemasonry; Judaism has kabbalah.

    A very quick search on L. Ron Hubbard shows he was schooled in the occult and used his knowledge to manipulate many by creating a bogus organization designed to make money.

  22. Madonna is, was and always will be a pig in search of relevance. I guess she thought she found a way to redeem her lost soul! Forget it, lady, for there is no hope in your case.

  23. The Kabbalah Center is a total fraud. It does NOT represent Torah-true Judaism, nor does it teach authentic Kabbalah. The entire organization is nothing but a cult, a scam, preying upon the ignorant.

  24. Kabbalah is actually denounced in the Torah. It has very little to do with Torah Judaism. It is, in fact, deeply rooted in ancient OCCULT practices and teachings. Adherents of the Kabbalah are also aware of the use of the hexagram. The hexagram is an ancient occult symbol that is on virtually every Hindu temple in Nepal. It is what is used to put a “hex” on someone. It is a powerful “witchcraft” tool.

  25. Funny how greed and religion continue to merge together. Overpaid artists, bankers and CEO’s are stealing from the poor to give to themselves then they use religion to pretend they give to the poor. Hypocrites, liars and thieves.

    Organized religion is the work of the devil.

  26. Madonna’s a creepy old hag. She hates America, yet had no problem making a fortune in it, like all those overpaid leftists in Hollywood and New York. She always has something to say about how stupid Americans are. The only stupid American is the one who bought that skanks record.

  27. The perfect false religion for Madonna: Kabbalah imparts a counterfeit sense of spirituality, doesn’t demand any holiness whatsoever in your personal life (so she can keep making millions acting like a slut) and rejects saving faith in Messiah Yeshua – Jesus Christ.

  28. The difference between Kabbalah and Scientology is that Kabbalah is the spiritual foundation of the Bible and is the basis of all spirituality. The first Kabbalist was Abraham, father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Scientology on the other hard was invented by a science fiction writer in the 1950s when he claimed that we are inhabited by the sous of ancient aliens who used to live in earth’s volcanoes.

  29. if you look into their teachings in detail you will find mistakes that make it clear that this is not traditional Qabala, e.g. the 72 Names of God. the clearest indication of a charlatan is that the acquisition of money is their primary interest.

  30. This story is a perfect example of the EGO and its destructive force. Managing this force and understanding why WE is more important than ME is the essence of Kabbalah. This story is no different than the sad stories of child molestation in the Catholic church or stoning and beheading in Islam.

    Humans must come to understand and bond with the Creator. It is in our DNA and Kabbalah, like quantum physics, will guide us to that understanding and the universal bond we can’t avoid. Kabbalah is a science, not a religion or a governing set of laws.

  31. Kabbalah is something these people should not be involved in, it is body of mystical teachings and only rabbinical experts who understand its origin and interpretation should be involved.
    The so called Kabbalah Centre is the biggest scam put on the Jewish community and should be put out of business.

  32. Art – religion IS bad, in and of itself. BTW, I’m a Born-Again Christian and I know Kabbalah is not a religion.
    VPSLIST – who said Kabbalah is different from Scientology? Kabbalah teaches ONLY to become (strive to have the same qualities) as the Creator. Is that The ONLY thing Scientology teaches, too?

  33. Kabbalah is very different from Scientology, but they were both invented pretty much in the 20th century.

    Kabbalah is a reinterpretation of a portion of Ancient Hebrew religions, but has been implicated in many other questionable collectives of people like the Freemasons as well as Bohemian Grove patrons. See Alester Crowley

    Scientology is an elaborate hierarchical institution with overt similarities to both Kabbalah and freemasonry in their overall intentions within ritual practice, but Mormonism is a more accurate comparison than scientology.

  34. Kabbalah is not a religion, but rather an understanding of the mystical names of God and the power wielded with this understanding. It is exclusively Jewish and the understanding of Spiritual movements within Christianity are similar with the same results.

  35. Scientologists are sue-happy and have way too many lawyers and way too many ‘friends’ in the media/courts/government/police/banks.

    The Kabbalists are exactly the same, but worse.

    “Don’t mention the Judeo-Masonic Zio-supremacists, or ELSE!!!”

  36. Kabbala is real but the Kabbala center is a farce. They don’t teach true Kabbala. Rabbi Immanuel Schochet of Toronto has pointed this out years ago.

  37. […] IRS. Sources say that a federal grand jury has been convened to ask questions about the organization. Two people who were served subpoenas from the grand jury, being held at the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York. The targets of the investigation, sources say, are the Kabbalah Centre, Raising Malawi, and the Berg family–mother Karen and sons Yehuda and Michael, who own the company. Madonna, they say, is aware of the grand jury. [link] […]

  38. Kabbalah is part of Torah Judaism. If you aren’t Jewish (born a Jew or gone through propert conversion) and well schooled in Torah then studying Kabbalah is meaningless. It’s like learning karate at the advanced black belt level without learning and knowing the basics first.

  39. OMG – I heard of the Bergs over 20 years ago – we in the orthodox community knew he was a wack job – I total phony – I cant believe these people were taken in by this guy!

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