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So: now that Charlie Sheen has sold thousands of tickets to his concert tour, what will he be doing on stage? Unlike Conan O’Brien, who is an accomplished live performer and a decent musician, Sheen is simply an actor. And a movie actor at that. The number of things he can do live on stage is limited. One of those limits will be his ability to use clips from “Two and a Half Men” as part of any video demonstration.

Even thought Sheen thinks “Men” is “his,” it’s not. The show belongs to Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre Productions both of which which Sheen is now in lawsuits. If Sheen or his team have any ideas about using clips from the show’s eight seasons, they’d best think again.

An insider involved in the whole ugly situation tells me: “It’s unlikely he’ll be able to use anything from the show.” Sheen woul then be reduced to showing clips from his movies–which is also not so likely–or making new videos like the ones he’s done already. Of course, he could feature bands or comedians, but they’d have to be paid–and that would eat into his profits.

Could “Violent Torpedo” just be him on stage for two hours, ranting about his dismissal? People might want their $750 back on those premium seats at Radio City.

PS I don’t know if Sheen knows this, but his “Men” co-star Jon Cryer will be in New York at exactly the same time. Cryer appears in Lincoln Center’s concert version of Stephen Sondheim’s “Company” beginning April 7th. Only Manhattan could be big enough to sustain this much tsuris.

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  1. excellent article…I wondered myself just how interesting this tour would be. However, I wouldn’t pay Sheen one dime toward him trying to make back the money he lost for being uncouth and ungrateful about his television series.

  2. If I was going, I would be more disappointed with clips from ‘Men’ than a 2 hour rant I have seen every episode twice and find them annoying now.

  3. Apparently you are those haters. Admit he not only told them who and what they are, but too made them not to make anymore money. In the business aspect I would say they are the ones that are loosing money.

  4. Kevin Smith is currently touring around with a show where he just tells stories and does a Q&A.

    I’d guess Sheen has better stories than Kevin Smith.

  5. Loore is an idiot, I mean come on, “Two and a half Men” was the most popular show on TV. And Charlie made into that, yes it is his show.
    Why not give him anything he wanted?

    Again Charlie Sheen made it so hugly popular, your a fool Lorre, couldn’t bite the big one huh?

  6. I love Two and a Half Men….please don’t take it off the air….Charlie does a great job on the show…..I love all three stars and I love the format for this show….there are not many shows like this left on the air…..why?

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