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Tickets for Charlie Sheen‘s “show” at Radio City Music Hall went on sale at 11am today on ticketmaster.com. At 11:01 there were no regular priced tickets to be had. Round and round went the little dots as ticketmaster tried to find seats. But they were already in the hands of scalpers. StubHub.com claimed to have over 600 seats in the first few minutes. Prices ranged from $450 in the orchestra– for a $130 ticket–to 160 bucks in the upper reaches of the mezzanines. But you can get tickets on ticketmaster–the premium packages are available. For $750 per person you can sit in the first ten rows, drink Champagne, meet Sheen backstage, get a picture and a signed poster. Maybe even a sip of Tiger’s Blood. Is there a sucker born every minute? Sheen sure hopes so. It wasn’t enough that he was paid over $70 million for eight seasons of “Two and a Half Men.” Now we have to contribute to his cash shortage: hookers, porn stars, parties, a Maybach, a $7 million new home, and two sets of alimony and child support. Someone’s gotta foot that bill!

UPDATE: Sheen sold out a second show, for April 10th. The only seats available are those $750.

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  1. audiences love drama and a certain amount of chaos. Witness the mania of:

    Groucho Marx
    Three Stooges
    Robert Downey Jr
    et al


    what is he going to do for two hours ? ? ? ?

  2. Now let’s see if Charlie actually SHOWS UP for these engagements. Please remember that even the worst movies usually have packed houses on the first weekend. It’s afterward that the true appeal of the show is reflected in the ticket sales.

  3. They say there’s a fool born every minute. For sure I’d never waste a penny gong to see some drug snuffer who belongs in a loony bin.

  4. I guess if I were paid $70 million for 8 episodes, I could get a a lil crazy too. Charlie, how about a trade? I have a great Honda car for that Maybach.

  5. Way to go oh Warlock, you are crazy like a fox, forget the trolls and the chuckies, the way I see it, you are going to have a new show that a way bigger Hit that two and a half……can’t wait!!

  6. If Mr, Rogers was still alive, his comments regarding those who are paying these prices to see Sheen would be, “Hello boys and girls, can you all spell ‘really stupid’?”

  7. I don’t know who I feel sorry for the most, Sheen or the numbskulls who are wasting their money to watch and hear an idiot in a mid-life crisis.

  8. Oh, god forbid people go see someone they think is entertaining. Whatever would we poor sheep do without Roger there to tell us what is a good use of our money.

  9. I guess people in the USA are lot more stupid than I thought. Some people need to get their head examined give the money to some charity and not this jerk

  10. There are a whole lot of stupid people out there and this just enforces my
    There appears to be a market for stupid,drunk,drug addicted actors to be
    seen on stage and Sheen is going to milk his addiction for all its worth and
    take as many of stupid peoples money that he can.
    I wonder is the price of a ticket to see this drug addict tax deductable due to
    the fact that your helping a severely handicapped,broken down,drug addicted actor??
    Can this be under the heading of charity? After all Cholly is addicted to drugs
    and adult beverages and hookers and Cholly needs all the support he can
    muster to support his habit.
    You stupid people that buy a ticket to see this broken down,drug addicted,
    mentally deranged,washed up actor deserve to be taken for the price of a

  11. The ironic thing is, this master self-delusionist probably thinks these folks are coming to see him for who he used to be, when in fact, they are coming to see the three-armed mustacheod lady at the circus. Wish I could be there to laugh with them at this Hollywood has-been.

  12. Seems like the scalpers may have been scalped…

    Sheen is going to crash and burn after the ‘spectacle’ of his behavior wears out.

  13. There is nothing about a man going on the road and doing stand up, usually the Naysayers are comedians themselves piping in like Andrew Dice Clay did on how dare you do my job. Hey, if they selling tickets and people are buying then why not. It’s a dog eat dog World. I myself am trying to make it to the level Charlie Sheen is at but with little fame it can be a long road. Thank God for Youtube making my MaddogStudiosComedy channel a great success so far. The only issue one should have is how ticketmaster allows scalpers (aka Ticket Brokers) to win. I just hope someone records his set so I can watch it. Good Luck Charlie and welcome to Stand Up Comedy!

  14. Too often life in the fast lane of show business can become a frenzied nightmare. And Charlie Sheen seems to be its latest victim. I see him as an extremely talented asset who doesn’t at all times make the best decisions. So what.
    I like his gutsy confrontation with those greedy owners of the show.
    Stay clean Charlie – everybody loves you (and not those phonies).
    Rose Lynn Mangan

  15. For real now people, what in the world can he do at Radio City that he hasn’t been doing for free on the web and overexposed on the TV and celebrity news for two weeks? which fool is buying this ticket??

  16. In a sane world, the rantings of an unemployed sitcom actor would hold little interest or relevance for anyone, when a far more serious meltdown is occurring across the Pacific Ocean. An unspeakable catastrophe is unfolding in the wake of Japan’s tsunami, and those cost of admission donations to Charlie’s “cause” could be put to much better use giving destitute people the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter.

    In the event that Charlie’s tour comes to your city, don’t be a rubbernecker, and make damn sure that you don’t drink the tiger blood. Remember, you can use the power of your mind to just close your wallet, tell yourself not to look, and then make a check out to the people of Japan. They’ll be a heck of a lot more grateful, believe me.

  17. Charlie is a perfect representation of what is happening to the US as a whole right now. It is all over but the crying for the once free US…….

  18. Charlie! You’re a loser! How much will you be charging for Charliecam from prison? Maybe you and Lindsay Lohan should ride off into the sunset…never to grace the silver screen or flat panel tv again.

  19. It is really a shame that these people are allowed to vote. They obviously have half a brain or none at all, This is what is partly wrong with this country, that people would go to see this idiot or spend any time at all on him.

  20. Sellin out two shows ta these people sorta gives credibility ta th ole adage, “a fool an his money are soon parted” now don’t it?

  21. I know there are people that really “get off” on reality shows, but this is really stupid. Sheen is a drug addict and an Alcoholic and looks like death warmed over.
    So I’m thinking that people who buy these tickets are betting they will be seeing him drop dead on stage or want’s to be a part of nightmare. How sad! I can’t blame Charlie Sheen for wanting to draw everyone in on his fantasy and make some more money to buy his drugs. So those folks that support this sick individual is simply enabeling
    him to slowly kill himself. …………………….Get help Charlie

  22. They say Californians are nuts. I doubt he could sell out there. New Yorker’s paying to see someone out of control and out of their minds now that must be a different story.

  23. Charlie is my hero. He scrapes 70 mil for 2 1/2 plus all the residuals, has his dad’s estate when Martin checks out, and sells out Radio City at the drop of his boxers. The hot chicks must be lining up like ants at a picnic.

  24. This reminds me of olden times when the lunatic asylums would allow the townsfolk, for a tuppence, to peer into the windows of the asylum to watch the inmates. Mr. Sheen is obviously mentally ill, used as fodder by the media to fatten their coffers. Disgraceful.

  25. This is typical of human nature: people want to be associated with those in the news, famous, or even infamous! Vicarious living through others. Who would want to live vicariously through what Sheen is experiencing right now? And who, with any sense of morality would support the thing he wants money for. Right, let’s give him all the money he wants so he can go right on doing whatever he wants to do without limitations! Charlie is already on the brink of destruction. So even those who like Charlie and are giving him money right now are contributing to his early certain death. Which is what WILL happen if he doesn’t listen to the professionals who are ready and able to help him recover and make it possible for him to live a happy and productive life. But does Sheen even want that? It doesn’t seem that way right now. Conclusion: thanks to this event, we can all look forward to an even sooner death for Charlie Sheen!

  26. Crack is a very illegal drug. Why not just set him up buying it or in possession of it and have him arrested and face the same fate as any one of its black users. I am sure they would love to see the laws equally enforced and I am about sick of people hanging on the words of a crack head who thinks he is above the law. Come on!! This should be an easy one guys.

  27. Noone who actually bought tickes has any right to gripe about the detereoration of our culture.

    By supporting this man, you support the notion that he IS better than you, that you ARE just “trolls”, and that Charlie does deserves preferencial treatment.

    So, next time a politician acts in a corrupt manner … because THEY feel privliaged, just remember how you reenforced this notion of “special” by buying a ticket to this loones escapade.

  28. Watching Sheen’s meltdown is like watching jello melt. He’s just another actor who let cocaine and booze take over his life. Nothing new, nothing interesting.

  29. A perfect example of how Americans have lost their minds. Anyone who would defile themselves by giving circus show freaks like Sheen (or others such as Lady Gaga) thier time or money cannot be beyond swine on the evolutionary scale. That they allow Sheen to play them like a flute displays their absolute inanity.

  30. This show on the road will collapse long before it reaches Radio City Music Hall.

    People are responding on the basis of a hare-brained enthusiasm that can support a violently deluded actor who embraces vile & evil attitudes.

    Remember the total pointless flop of his very own TV ventures? Crowds will leave in bunches before the show is over.

  31. This just proves how stupid the American public really is. No wonder we have the administration we have and Obumbler has a 49% approval rating.

  32. With all that’s going on in the world about Japan and radiation problems, who would even think about attend a Charlie Sheen whatever. How silly.

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