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Wow! We dodged a bullet on this one. The planned live action — or stop animation remake — of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” has been canceled by Disney. This is a relief. Despite director Robert Zemeckis‘s best intentions, this was a bomb in the making–and with a $150 million price tag. Conflicting reports from the trades claim that Disney ditched the project after Zemeckis’s “Mars Loves Moms” was a box office catastrophe this weekend. (It took in $6.9 million this weekend; cost was $150 million.) Zemeckis can still set the project up elsewhere, but please, really, don’t. Instead, why doesn’t Apple Corps just make “Yellow Submarine” available on DVD and Blu Ray. It’s a classic, and hard to find. Zemeckis should go ahead and put together the sequel to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” … Meanwhile, one Beatle sighting: Paul McCartney shopping for luxe cashmere at Christopher Fischer in East Hampton. A Beatle has to stay warm, y’know!

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  1. Your opinion would matter more if you knew your facts. If you don’t even know that “Yellow Submarine” was remastered, re-released and has been very easy to find on DVD for over 11 years, then why would anyone trust a single “fact” in your unsubstantiated, fairly coherent article?

  2. I’m relieved to hear this! Hollywood and Disney especially are awash in misguided productions. Does anyone know WHO to contact regarding licensing of the classic Yellow Submarine property??

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