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Charlie Sheen is nothing if not philanthropic. Sheen has announced on his website that he will donate $1 from every ticket sale to his two live shows to the Red Cross for Japan relief. Sheen’s made about $70 million so far from “Two and A Half Men” and just reportedly made a bid on a $7 million home. Nevertheless, he’s volunteering to take a tax credit and donate roughly $10,000 to Japan. How nice! There are about 4,800 seats at the Fox Theater in Detroit, and 3,600 seats at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago. If Sheen really has a paid sell out at each show, that should come to $8,400 for Japan. Of course, it’s possible his concert tour will expand. If he does 20 more cities at the same average size hall, Sheen would still be donating a tear drop for a tsunami. But it’s the thought that counts! Winning! But not if you’re in Japan. PS Charlie has also started selling rather ugly looking T shirts for $20 a pop.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with what mister sheen did, why are we focussing on him let’s take a look at other celebrities; how much did they donate

  2. After Charlie’s interesting and erratic behavior, this is a nice surprise to hear that he wants to help Japan! He is definitely a man of many sides, each of which is slowly unfolding in front of the public eye.

  3. He may have made $70M with 2.5 Men as well as many dozens of millions more during his career but he’s probably paid 50% of it in tax and with 3 ex-wives to support along with 5 kids, life-long drug and gambling habits as well as a sex addiction (he kept Heidi Fleiss in business for years), I doubt there is much wealth left to spread.

  4. Sheen is donating a larger proportion of his fortune than Eric Schmidt.

    Schmidt is donating 100k of a 7 BILLION fortune! .0014%
    Sheen is donating 8.4k of a 100 million fortune! .0084% – 6 times more!

    If Sheen had 7 BIL he would be donating $600k, by these proportions.

    Its not how much you donate, but the % of your wealth.

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