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Charlie Sheen has filed suit against the trolls– Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre, creator of “Two and A Half Men.” Hollywood legal pitbull Marty Singer wrote the suit, which contains prose so purple that Prince would blush reading it. Basically, Singer has pinned the blame for the entire mess on Lorre, claiming that Sheen was the whole show, that everyone profited because of Sheen, and now that Lorre doesn’t like him, he’s chucking him out. (Pun intended.)

Singer–based on Sheen’s ranting– is so myopic that he really thinks no one else contributed to the TV show’s success. It’s all Charlie. But Singer’s arguments don’t stand up to the naked eye. For one thing, Sheen’s “rehab”–which Warner Bros. requested–consisted of Sheen at home, ditching professional advice. He himself has said on several occasions that he “blinked” and cured himself. Will that stand up in court? This is all hyperbolic legal mush.

Singer — and Sheen– like to point out that Lorre had trouble with stars before Sheen: Roseanne Barr, Cybill Shepherd, and Brett Butler. True enough. The first and the last were difficult and chemical problems. Shepherd was tough on everyone, including co-star Christine Baranski, who got along fine with Lorre. Indeed. Lorre had no issues with John Goodman and Laurie Metcalfe on “Roseanne” or Baranski and Alan Rosenberg on “Cybill.” There are no reports of problems on “The Big Bang Theory” or “Mike and Molly.” And so far, after 8 seasons, Lorre’s had no issues with Jon Cryer.

Sheen, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to get it. He wasn’t suspended or fired until he started attacking his bosses–nationally, vocally, constantly. They extended his contract before that happened. Right or wrong, they looked the other way through his arrests, divorces, custody battles. They even supported him. But when he turned on them. they retaliated. Losing!

What Sheen doesn’t get: a new actor on “Men” will not be named Charlie. It’s easy enough to have Jon Cryer open the door to a new player and say, “Charlie has been taken captive by a bunch of goddesses in Alaska. We’ll miss him.” End of story. Introduce new guy–missing brother, cousin, friend. And move on.

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