Home Celebrity “American Idiot” Broadway Run Ending with Green Day Leader 3 Week Run

“American Idiot” is closing on Broadway after one year of performances on  April 24th. To commemorate the end, Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong is coming back for the last three weeks. This was such a cool, fun show, I’m sorry to see it leave. But “American Idiot” has been on life support for some time. The only weeks when it does business now is when Armstrong is in the cast. Who could have guessed that Armstrong, a late generation “punk” rocker, would turn out to be a Broadway star? Or that this album would have made for such a good stage show? Interestingly. Green Day is getting ready for a new live CD on March 14th called “Awesome as F–.” The CD is one Warner/Reprise, but the LP– vinyl– comes from their own Adeline Records label. It’s no wonder Warner Music Group is for sale.

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