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May interrupt the Charlie Sheen show for a sec? Bradley Cooper is now a bona fide movie star. He carries “Limitless,” which has strong supporting roles played by Robert DeNiro and Abbie Cornish. The Neil Burger directed thriller is very comic book like and lots of fun. It premiered last night in New York, with lots of star power in the audience including Oliver Platt, Patricia Clarkson, Giancarlo Esposito, Chaz Palminteri, Matthew Settle, Jason Bateman, Alyssa Milano as well as Richard Branson, Denise Rich and Mary Kennedy. But it was Brad who stole the show–minus Renee Zelleweger, who had to stay in L.A. Brad brought him mom (his dad recently passed away) and she was pretty excited to realize that her Actors Studio graduate is now a leading man on his own. So was “Inside the Actors Studio” chief James Lipton who congratulated Cooper on a job well done. At the after party, yours truly live blogged the Charlie Sheen UStream show from the office of Buddakan restaurant–their food is delicious, but producer Ryan Kavanagh wanted a vegan pizza. So calls were made to Two Boots around the corner, and Kavanagh’s tastebuds were saved.

But Brad–what about “Hangover 2”? “I think it will be epic,” he told me. “I really do. Wait til you see it.”

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