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Maybe like me you thought “The Marriage Ref” was supposed to air on Sunday night, March 6th. Certainly there are press releases about it all over the web, and one of the local New York papers mentioned it was airing that night. But poof! all gone. No “Ref.” Instead we got the inane “America’s Next Restaurant.” Jerry Seinfeld cannot be happy. “The Marriage Ref” not only didn’t air, but on the NBC website it barely exists, if at all. It’s not included in the list of current shows. I found “April 3, 2011” listed as one possible launch date, but it’s unclear where that came from. As late as the end of February, “The Marriage Ref” was still looking for real life couples to come on the show and expose their personal lives. I know a lot of people disliked this show, but maybe they didn’t get it–it wasn’t about the couples. It was about the celebrity panelists coming on and riffing about their own lives. I got more out of Madonna’s appearance than in any interview she ever did. I hope “The Marriage Ref” isn’t dead, but I’d be concerned at this point. New NBC chief Steve Burke doesn’t have the allegiance to Seinfeld  that past network players did–it will be interesting to see if this causes a permanent rift.

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  1. This was just another uncomfortable show in which normal people were paraded in front of the world and ridiculed by a panel of “stars”, in a desperate begging for TV ratings. It turns out that it was even too awkward for the lowbrow tastes of the American public. (thank you Charlie Sheen)
    If NBC could provide some worth watching, maybe the shows and the network will survive.

  2. Oh, I get the premise of the show and who we are supposed to get our “laughs” from. Like it or nor, Rog, the show is not funny and Jerry should be ashamed of himself for pimping this crap to the network.

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