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Now it’s like getting ready to watch a fresh train wreck. Charlie Sheen will return to UStream.tv tonight at 10PM eastern for yet another broadcast. After last night’s debacle, the only place to go is up. He just sent out a Tweet, his first in 24 hours, that reads: “The Warlock is hungry. Hungry for corporate flesh.” His attorney, Marty Singer, must be cringing. All of this, every word of it, will come back to haunt Charlie in court. I spoke to the people at UStream and they’re anticipating a massive audience since this is the last scheduled episode of “Sheen’s Korner.” And then what? One can only imagine. Some topics tonight: how Charlie would feel if his good friend Rob Lowe took over his spot on “Two and a Half Men.” And how he feels about taking down an entire hit TV series. Of course, there’s always the subject of his health. But we seem to be beyond that now.

PS Seems that Charlie’s phone number is now all over the web. Someone pulled it off one of his videos.

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  1. Charlie I have enjoyed in the movies & on the tele–it is now time for you to take your life in your hands and do the right thing for yourself, & no one else. Yes you have Tigerblood==but even tiger’s get weary.
    I wish I could be there to guide & help you–since I am old enough to be your mother–lol.
    Get well charlies-Then come back to your fans.

  2. This could be the greatest publicity stunt of all times. I cannot imagine what the numbers would be like if you guys all got back on the air. Come to Lubbock Charlie, here you can move about unnoticed and get your life back. Peace “Not Fade Away”…Gandalf KFMP 87.7

  3. ‘Train wreck’, ‘Drug addled’, ‘Nutter’…..

    I don’t know the man and therefore don’t assume to know what goes on in his day to day life.

    I will tell you this though… once a person finally ‘Wakes Up’ to the realization of how this country and this world really operates, it is an extraordinarily jarring experience. I believe Sheen has, to some extent, awoken.

    In that respect it doesn’t at all surprise me that he would act in a way that the media and those who parrot the media’s words, would consider MAD.

    Best to you Charlie.

  4. The Charlie Sheen phenomenon is an example of how older media can’t control people’s perceptions anymore. No matter how they try to write a script of their choosing…his rise, his substance abuse, his downfall….the Internet is the great equalizer in the impressions actually made, and in this instance Charlie’s in charge.

  5. No matter what you have done, It can be fixed. Unless you are dead. And that is starting to look more probable with each passing day. Can’t anyone get through to you? There is an air of Death about you now. We all go sooner or later, but it’s not your time yet.

  6. I think Charlie is owed some compensation by the network.
    While he was doing all this partying, where was the network to tell him to take better care of himself?
    Silent is where they were…..
    They were using his lifestyle to help promote the show.
    I think its good for Charlie that he got fired.
    Go get yourself well charlie. You may feel fine, but you dont look it.
    Then come back and show eveyone what a class actor you are.

  7. Wow, Drudge. Of all the news-worthy stories in the world (the left’s continued destruction of the greatest nation ever, a potential holocaust cause by TERRORISTS [I said it, NObama] and all the rest, THIS ungrateful loser is your lede. You’re goin’ soft, man. You disgust me. The lamestream media’s always been against thinking folks, and now you’re veering that way. Yuck—just yuck.

  8. You are still on coke…..if you think the majority of people are stupid enough to believe that you are not….then you sir, are the idiot!!!

  9. to much media attention is being given to this left wing loser. He’s just another rich guy from Hollywood who thinks he’s better than everybody else and can do what he wants to do. my wife and I quit watching this goofy guy on television long time ago. He’s a loser.

  10. Dear Mr. Charlie Sheen, I want you to know that God Loves you very much and he is just waiting for you to
    call on him and he will save you, that is a sure thing
    if you only will belive and ask Hin (Jesus) in to your heart. You must know Pat Boone, call Pat and ask him about his life and walk with the Lord God.
    I pray for you each day that you will stop pray and turn around and walk with the Lord. Call Franklin Graham, Or Chuck Colson, or PTL channel 40 24 hours per day they are on the line to help you.
    God bless you and know we love you and know that you can turn it around, For God so love the world that he gave his son Jesus that who so ever believes in him shall be saved, old things will change your heart and life like he did me and my wife and children.

    God bless you.

  11. There’s an old movie from the 60′s called “Goodbye Charlie”. Somehow I can’t get its theme song out of my head…. It goes “Goodbye Charlie…. hate to see you go….”. The movie is about a guy who’s a partying womanizer who gets murdered by a jealous husband and is reincarnated as a woman. Maybe Sheen can do the remake.

  12. Just spit-balling here but is it possible that Charlie’s pulling off a nuclear version of Jochim Phoenix’s shtick from last year?

  13. Charlie Sheen is an idiot in full destructive mode. The drugs, alcohol and narcissism have rotted his brain. He is most likely beyond help. I’m afraid sometime soon he will overdose on something and it will be all over for him. Then he will be beyond all the pain he has brought upon himself.

  14. turn off the cameras and this troll will slink away into the abyss of has beens just as he needs to. just white trash with money….

  15. Charlie my intellectual brother from another Mother, BRO shoot me a email through my website and lets sit down, smoke a fattie(no coke) and see about repairing your image.
    You are still alive and that means the “TIGERBLOOD” is still pumping, now we just need to learn how to harvest such a phenomenon without hurting your career and most important, your health BRO !
    Love you like a hooker with an extra breast, Joe Chronic…

  16. Why isn’t someone trying to help this beleaguered soul. This man is in serious difficulty and as the world watches and pokes fun, smirks, punishes him, makes money off him while he suffers AND THEY THINK THIS IS GOOD FUN, he is drowning before our very eyes.Please someone Help! God help!

  17. Charlie–
    You can slam Keith, Frank, and a few others, however, can you hold a candle to Willie or Merle?
    That said, brother, I’ve seen this act played out before.
    You might be able to handle the blow, but, the problem comes with the cut. All powders aren’t the same, and it’s doubtful you’re getting the real deal any more from what I’ve seen.
    Winning is great, yet speed kills!

    For your entertainment pleasure, try checking out Richard Pryor’s ‘Live On the Sunset Strip’—

    PEACE brother—
    hope you come back to your center

  18. Drug addled SOB ought to be taken into a dark alley and beaten up. What a screwup. Typical Hollywood idiot. Maybe he should hook up with that Super Ho Kim Kardashian and produce some offspring. Oh, wait, he’s already done a beautiful but dumb woman… Denise Richards.

  19. He’s finished. End of Story. Next stop: Celebrity Rehab and Dr. Drew. Five years before he surfaces again–at a 2 & 1/2 men reunion special…

  20. I do not know what to make of all this now… I want to believe Charlie has it all under control but my gut is telling me he does not. He appears dark and gaunt and he is very angry. I hope he comes good I really do he does not deserve all these personal attacks!

  21. Charlie Sheen Rocks!!! he is my new hero…not afraid” to speak truth to power!!”, and “the goddesses” what is to to love there!!! all men who still have their nutz! ( and and NOT guzzling fluoride water and doing poison flu shots and have some brain cells still functioning) support your efforts to expose the corporate media lies! I think its funny reading the comments of a bunch of pathetic losers with no REAL LIFE who could never comprehend the levels his mind works on!!! WINNING!!! hahahahaa!!

  22. Mr Charlie Sheen,

    i dont really know why i care except i see you in myself a while back! I dont watch your show so i cant understand the series thing, i just know you are severly tore up and headed for a fall. It doesnt have to be that way!

    If you are ready to change send me an email . I know how to help you because ive been through what your going through and came out on the other side. thats why i can help you get set free man from all this hipe thats killing you! God bless you man!

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