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“Les- than-Goonves, Screw Les, or better yet, Screw more.” is the way Charlie Sheen began his latest video diatribe on Ustream tonight. He then attacked all the executives involved in “Two and a Half Men.” But that’s what he said about the head of CBS. He’s lucky that all they did was fire him.

“Where are you hiding you silly clown? I see you you little worm,” he said to Chuck Lorre. If Sheen was trying to ingratiate himself to his bosses, this was not the way to do it. He might as well have inflated a slide on a parked airplane and jumped out. Oh, yeah: that’s been done. He was vicious and totally inappropriate to Lorre, baiting the recovering alcoholic to take a drink. It was mean, not clever, and low, like a grade school taunt. It was maybe the most unbecoming moment of Sheen’s spiral down into madness.

Otherwise, this was typical Sheen. He called his firing “unconscionable.” Tonight it did seem like Sheen was more prepared, reading from either cue cards or some kind of notes or Prompter. “F–k Borre” is what he called Lorre. The crazy thing is this wasn’t over an international crisis. It’s over a TV show. But Sheen doesn’t see the difference between any realities. He’s delusional. But in the end, the counter on his UStream page read that only 58,000 viewers tuned in at the height of Sheen’s shpiel. Is that it? Is Charlie done?

The funniest thing tonight was the idea that he’s been so wronged. Charlie, it’s just a TV show. It’s a sitcom. It’s funny, but it’s not “MASH” or “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” or “Seinfeld” or even “The Office.” So you were fired. It was not unconscionable. Move on already.

“You are no match for this warlock,” Sheen concluded.


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  1. Hmmmm….. I wonder how the Hollywood Gatekeeper Machine is seeing this….? Me thinks you ALL FORGOT what the product is that you are selling …..The product is supposed to be ART! You Hollywoodian’s think it is Politics. How many timeless movies are made anymore? Movies are primarily about a primarily biased one point of view with one dimensional, one note, one beat drummer POLITICS. It isn’t enough for Hollywoodian’s to make boatloads of money off of you,no, they also want to control your voting habits, beliefs, food you eat,what you can and cannot say, what you wear, and what you do with your money (taxes)….Hey isn’t that a description of a CULT or a Dictatorship?

    What we are watching is CHARLIE SHEEN DETOXING FROM THE HOLLYWOOD CULT MACHINE (when he detoxes from his primary addiction then he can go to his secondary addiction cocaine) We get to see one Celeb Meltdown after another….Me Thinks Your Machine is Broken! The Culture of Hollywood Is Broken! Evidenced by the Celebs you promote because they are willing to debase themselves to your liking, having your ass kissed and worshiped too much!! Like the Celebs who melt down (Charlie is pointing this hypocrisy out) Most of those in power are quite power mad and delusional themselves! The System is clearly broken and those involved in it are unaware of this. Like other industries (Music is an example) this one is due for a meltdown and do over! Just sit back and watch the inevitability of this. SO MANY BANKRUPTCIES SO LITTLE TIME!! Good luck Hollywood!

  2. Roger Friedman: “Two and a Half Men” may not be as good as “MASH” or “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” or “Seinfeld” or “The Office,” but it’s a lot more profitable than those shows ever were and has an audience than makes those shows’ audiences look downright tiny. So I think perhaps you’re the one who’s out of touch here…

  3. Sheen is an awful actor and it was a crap show anyway. Shows how much taste people have because that crappy show made so much money. Crap usually sells, luckily for Sheen.

  4. The word is correct. He is not using the German word for “play”, but the Yiddish derivative, “shpiel”, which means a recitation, a prepared speech.



  6. Roger, Chuck Lorrie, over a period of time used other national shows and 2.5 men show to share his vanity cards relating his unhappiness with Charlie Sheen. His company executives talked publicly about him on media as well. What part about Charlie Sheen didn’t they get when they hired the guy? He’s got a loooong history of this behavior, which is why this particular character he played was developed specifically for him. The fact that the executives and Chuck make statements that “appear” caring is absolute bs. Charlie is right to finally take them on. But no one dares do that. They really fired him for talking back. They can’t handle that. They are cowards. OK , charlie is furious with the years of bs he also has had to put up with this crap. it’s bs that you call him delusional- he is not. You are in fact inappropriate, and mean spirited and wholly unfair towards him. Regarding the taunts against Chuckie and his sobriety… what the hell do you think he has been doing to Charlie? Same thing, he’s just sneaky and does things behind one’s back Charlie may be obnoxious but he is honest- they are not. I do not have to approve or like Charlies life style to see that he is right in this matter and the suits are wrong. I’ve read Chucks vanity card response to Charlie sheen and the guy is nuts- not esoteric and brilliant- as he’s trying to pretend he is. And you and others cal CS nuts? Why don’t people call the company on the carpet for hiring CS in the first place. Why does CL and WB write such debauchery for the masses, make a fortune off of it, then whine when they get embarrassed by their star? They are hypocrites galore.

  7. Teem Sheen you’re a dope. How much Charlie Sheen makes vs. the author of this article vs. you or me – doesn’t matter. The amount of money you earn doesn’t make or NOT make you a “peer”.

    We should beholden to him because he makes so much? What has he done with his earnings except to literally “blow it”?

    I’ll make an ASSumption that with your rationale you don’t make a lot and therefore you’re NO ONES PEER.

    Charlie Sheen is a complete TOOL.

    All of you who think he’s going to come out stringer from this whole episode are “delusional” .

    No one in the business is going to touch him

    Charlie, go slither away! Go snort an eight ball a day for all I care. Drink yourself into oblivion. Just go!

  8. Let’s see —

    Expelled from high school.
    Coke head.
    Crack head.
    Whore monger.
    Wife beater.
    Fired from job.
    and on, and on.



  9. Charlie Sheen should be waterboarded over and over and over and over … then placed in Bellevue’s largest rubber room for the criminally insane


  10. Just another infamous celebrity on drugs throwing a tantrum. How do these characters make so much $$$? It’s insane, and the media promotes this bad behavior.

  11. Does ANYONE even care about what Charlie Sheen has to say anymore?
    The answer is NO!!!!!! This has been is a thorn in the side of his previous wives and children and his drug and alcohol problem will be the finale of his career. Someone should inform Sheen to clean up his act, quit the drugs and alcohol, and do us all a favor and stay away from tv camera, as we don’t give a crap about your tirades.

  12. This maniac was not raised properly. His father, Martin Sheen is a Liberal AssHole who spent his time protesting everything he could instead of trying to raise his son like a normal person! I wonder how he feels now seeing his son acting like a madman and knowing that he will eventually see him in a mental institution?? Happy Martin? “The sins of the father…….,,,”.

  13. This is one of the of most linguistically brilliant things since Shakespeare. Who WROTE this stuff? (Evidently, it was, this time, written.) Well, to whoever wrote it: Sir, you are a poet, a creative man, a real writer: so—WRITE and publish.

    But having said that …

    Charlie … c’mon. Pull out of it. You are too smart to know that this will last for more than a few months. It’s time to move on …

  14. What kind of society allows an obviously deranged individual, Charlie Sheen, to debase himself in public without help being provided for him?

    He belongs in a mental hospital.

  15. Mr. Sheen needs to arrange a meeting with Muammar Gaddafi. He could fly in under the radar in his private jet. The entire world would go insane.

  16. “Who should take Charlie Sheen to rehab?”

    No one you bunch of dorks. Charlie is batting 1000. Better than “Reality TV”, dude is high on his reality. Keep away from him, just let him do his thing.

  17. I never did liked him, and I don’t feel sorry for him at all. If anything severe happens to him, there is no one to blame, but himself. He’s been loose from the time we’ve heard of him.

  18. He appears to be angry for whatever reason_s.
    He does know a lot of what is going on in plain eye site that most people miss.
    However, he has a responsibility as an icon to maintain a credability status.
    This more acceptable social method would prove more gainfull efectiveness of message delivery to a volitile group of confused humans.

  19. enough with this clown already!
    Not an hour goes by without some new deranged comment of his being plastered all over the news.
    Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

  20. Roger, Charlie makes more now in one month, than you will make in your entire career. Yet you seem to think you can criticize him as if you’re some kind of peer, instead of a crumb-gathering cockroach.
    I think you need to turn to your dictionary, and review the definition of the term “delusional.”

  21. This guy is fantastic. If he is off drugs and acts this way, great! Normal. Everyone says we should act normal. What is normal, acting like everyone else? That’s no fun. These are parts of his character. Each of us have to learn how to work with our unique characteristics. I think his problem is he’s been on drugs, legal or illegal, for so long he doesn’t know how to balance himself, reign himself in. Give him time, he will find his balance. Until then, enjoy the Charlie Show.

  22. Charlies been huffing some potent mind benders,

    there are hundreds of thousands of similarly wacked dopes out there.

    hes mr make believe gone awary, oh well

  23. Charlie is on a destructive rant. I think he’s half serious and half putting on a show. But which half is his reality?
    He’s definately pissed and wearing him selfvout like a toddler does at bed time.
    Go to bed Charlie! Tomorrow will be better.

  24. These tv bosses made 3 billion on this show so far.
    I find it hypocritical that they fired Charlie since the show was created
    around who Charlie is. There are plenty of people in the public eye who are er….eccentric.
    I wish Charlie the best and look forward to seeing him in front of the camera in the future. I wish him well on his Haiti trip.
    Until then, I’m loving the show!

  25. You need to learn to count. I was watching and when I was on at the peak I saw just shy of 159, 000 for count. You need to add a 1 in front of the 5.

  26. Sheen borrowed Obama’s teleprompter tonight. But he burned some serious bridges – borderline criminal.

    He’s without question delusional and deranged. (Although he did clean up a bit better – looked 45, not 65).

    Going forward, who would insure any mainstream project this guy gets involved with… Every thing he does from now on will be online-centric (not TV or Film) and fronted by startups/hanger on types, not proven entertainment producers.

  27. Before the “show” began the camera was focused on a bottle of “Tiger Blood” 100% Organic Juice sitting on the corner of the desk with Sheen’s right hand seen writing on a yellow notepad while his left hand was holding a cigarette. If you had your speakers turned all the way up you might have caught a brief bit of audio with Sheen talking to what sounded like a director or something about the “script” referring to what he was writing on the notepad. Then the other voice said something about how the show would broadcast live then re-broadcast as live over and over after that.

  28. There’s something refreshing to see someone willing to say what he thinks, consequences be darned. Sheen will no doubt rebound into a far greater success than he had at the show.

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