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Many months after “Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” started previews in New York, its composer–Bono of the group U2–is here. Sources tell me that even though he’s not in the Foxwoods Theater every day, Bono has taken a firm grip of the show. He’s essentially telling director Julie Taymor that he’ll do the show–to paraphrase a U2 hit–“with or without you.”

“They’re writing lots of new songs,” a source tells me, and as I reported on Sunday. “They’re not going to have show open that they’re not proud of.” As such, “Spider Man” will not be opening on March 15th, although there will be a celebration party anyway–something to give the cast and crew a boost, if nothing else. “They’re not concerned about the Tony Awards,” said the source, just as I reported on Sunday also. “Missing that date won’t matter.”

The source says “everyone has known about this for at least two weeks.”

Meantime, even though OSHA gave fines to “Spider Man” last week, the Department of Labor continues to be a backstage presence to monitor the aerial and special effects, Luckily, that part of “Spider Man”‘s history seems to be over. Everyone has straightened up and is flying right.

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  1. ”with or without you”- ie she as fired as Charlie Sheen and they will be bringing in someone who knows about plotting.

    “They’re not going to have show open that they’re not proud of.”

    What spin! They were out of the country when the thing opened and didnt get around to ambling back for months even though everyone knew how bad it was in December.

    “They’re not concerned about the Tony Awards”

    And the Tony’s arent concerned about them. Circus acts need not apply.

    “Everyone has straightened up and is flying right.”

    I’ve heard from someone reporting on a ‘preview’ performance last week there are still are still long pauses while some actor gets caught up in the rigging and the show comes to a halt.

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