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“Spider Man: Turn off the Dark”– as I reported on Sunday morning, there’s turmoil within the embattled Broadway show. A source says the show is going to be rewritten from top to bottom, that it won’t make the Tony Awards deadline of April 28th. and instead open in June. The New York Times is reporting that Julie Taymor might be replaced, which I hope is not true: it’s her show. Hopefully, a compromise can be worked out to bring in collaborators…

…And then Charlie Sheen: who made an 11 minute appearance on UStream.tv tonight, looking and sounding worse than ever. Before the plug was pulled he ranted, raved, and sweated. Meantime, the Hollywood Reporter is saying that “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre has hired Howard Weitzman as his attorney. Warner Bros. lawyered up with John Spiegel. Sheen has Marty Singer, who’s famous for more bark than bite. But what’s clearer than ever is that Sheen has to be sacked by someone in his family or something truly tragic is going to happen. During the 11 minute show he sank out of camera sight and drank some liquid he called “tiger’s blood.” Trust me, it wasn’t Snapple.

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