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Looking gaunt and sounding crazier than ever, Charlie Sheen is back on the internet. He went live on UStream at 10:07pm EST. “Are you recording this?” asked his first caller, who I think is Bob Maron, one of his sycophants. Sheen said he’s going to reach out to Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon.com. He wants him to publish his memoir, “Apocalypse Me: The Jaws of Life.” He wants the Book on Kindle to save trees. Sheen rants that people should “marry a tree.” “Marriage didn’t work for me, so marry a tree.” He’s upset about people calling in and interrupting him. And helicopters buzzing over head. “Notice how hell is in the word helicopter?” Basically, it’s the sad spiral down to the bottom of a man no one cares enough about to stop him from completely imploding. As I write this, the broadcast has now stopped. So maybe someone in that house did care enough to pull the plug.

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  1. (this is my one opinion)

    Sheen is at the pinnacle of a full blown manic episode with no way down except one great destructive fall while the world is watching doing nothing to help. Would we all be watching him if he were having one toe at a time amputated because it was being taken by a diabetic illness??? ….No! we would give him insulin!!!

    Someone who isn’t afraid of the lime light needs to go in and remove him from his charade before his reputation, credibility, image, career, family, life and any hope for his future is destroyed. He is so manic he can not do anything to help himself. He will not be able to come down on his own without mediation and medication.

    I pray he finds himself in a locked padded room with a butt full of haloperidol or thorazine to bring him down if it takes three weeks and ten strong men to do it. He will thank who ever can bring him this help while he still has time to salvage his life.

    Is there no one to intercede for Charlie Sheen???
    Where are his friends, family, loved ones???

    Hope his episode does not end in a total tragedy for us all to watch,
    that would be too real tv!

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  3. Someone NEEDS to get him the help he needs NOW. If not he will be dead. This is soo sad. He is such a great actor. His family is going through so much watching him spiral down. If he hasn’t hit rock bottom, someone needs to take the shovel away. This is what drugs and booze can do to a person. Getting a court order to get him into somewhere where they can address the addictions and mental health of this man. Look at what he looks like now. He doesnt even look like Charlie. His eyes are bigged out of his head and bad circles under his eyes. This is what death looks like right before it happens.

  4. The media continues to profit off of this man who clearly is in need of help. They know he is a one man ratings sweep so they continue to exploit him. How many shows does he have to appear on to explain himself? They know he is mentally unstable and yet allow him to melt down on national television again and again. ALL FOR RATINGS! Can we say Brittany Spears people? I pray Martin Sheen steps up to the plate and has his son commited and soon!

  5. looks like he went from banging 7 gram rocks to meth..This is really sad. He is killing himself and no one there is even trying to help him..SO SAD….

  6. Hey Calm-dwn! Are you going to help him “get better”? Are you going to back his threats of violence against people? If not, then shut it!

  7. Like I know how most people that call them selves christians are so judgemental the question was Jesus ? He only spoke the truth”I am the way the truth , the life . No one comes to the Father except through Me”John 14:6 We need to pray for people lost and having a hard time finding God, the truth . Everyone is looking in one way or the other as a christian I need to show the love of Christ.

  8. I wonder how much of the drugs he consumed were without his knowledge…then when he did ingest something, the effects were amplified…and after enough damage, there is no return… sad really. SO many hollywood folk destroyed by evil vermin. LAPD HPD need to do some serious drug sweeps. And also round up and execute the prescription mill doctors! Vermin are attracted to the super wealthy and the way to get the victim’s money, is to drug them….

  9. Does anyone see the similarity between his ranting and that of Charlie
    Manson. Give Sheen is not that far but he is starting to sound a little
    like him

  10. Charlie,

    You are broken; get out of denial. You need some serious help dude. Seems to me you may be headed out of this world. Talented, funny and what a waste. This is what booze and drugs do to you at the very end.

  11. What compel’s people to watch the wretched, torturous demise of a human being? He’s already dead…it’s like the twitching of non-coorordinated reflexes that remains.

  12. The guy is fooling us all, the guy seems to me that was tired of being canned in a sitcom comedy for so long that decided to play the roll of his life,,Himself to prove how media can either destroy or propell someone to the sky (Justin Beaver case) in a couple of months.
    I hope this is all a reality show prepared by Charlie just to make his point.

  13. Calm-dwn, here’s some help for coo-coo Charlie. Have a reality show on cable that allows him to watch himself die slowly. That will fulfill his narcassistic needs and also entertain us for a short period of time.

  14. You people are a trip. If you think the guy needs help why would you post on the internet how he’s a douche or loser? I bet most of you claim to be Christians….smh. If he’s not suicidal…….I’m sure you all will help him get there.

  15. All addicts have “been there” – where Charlie is – before they “stepped” over the line and admitted they were powerless over their drug(s) of choice and their lives had become unmanageable. It’s possible that many of those who are laughing at Charlie – or heaping scorn on him – have forgotten just how desperate, miserable, nasty, acting-out and suicidal you were when you were hooked. You hit your spouses, you stole from friends, you bit the hands that fed you continually. In recovery, it’s called “insanity.” And yes, “arrogance,” in the face of all-too-obvious evidence that you are going to die if you keep it up. So – I do feel sorry for this sick person, but he’s done a lot of damage to himself and others, so I wouldn’t support him in any way other than complete and total surrender to a recovery program for the rest of his life (one day at a time). NO ONE is “cured” of addiction. NO ONE spends a week in a rehab program and comes out “cured.” The media is at fault for helping to perpetrate this lie. Let’s hope we don’t hear it again, at least in Charlie’s case.

  16. There are millions of Americans just like Charlie. Most of them are on limited budgets but they spend as much money as they can on beer,cigarettes and drugs when they can afford them. They are the useful idiots that voted for Obama.
    Charlie is a hero to millions who would like to tell everyone to F off and get drunk everyday.
    Its a shame that his kids don’t have much of a father but there are millions of kids without fathers in our country – some do ok and some don’t. Most of my sons friends are from divorced families – its “normal now”
    Maybe the people like me who create jobs and save money are the messed up people? Anybody got Charlies number? Maybe he gives lessons.

  17. He has fried his brain. There is no way for him to save himself at this point. An intervention will be required, very soon, or he will be dead. It will take a court order to get him into treatment. He is paranoid and delusional on top of being stupid.

  18. This idiot doesn’t realize that the whole world, outside of the parasites that are coaxing him on, are laughing at him. these Hollywood rat pack runs are in part what’s wrong in this country. his family should quit giving interviews and seek a mental health petition against this moron.

  19. Charlie needs help/intervention/drug camp, anything to get him over this horrible time in his life. He needs to get a grip, though, and realize it himself, quickly I hope.

  20. Many of you did not listen to Alex Jones’ show with Charlie but Charlie Sheen has 3 movies in the works. Maybe he wanted to throw the “2 and a Half Men” monkey off his back then go back to making movies. It would beat being leashed to making TV shows, in my opinion.

  21. He stole the heart of Jennifer Grey
    When Ferris Bueller took off that day
    and then his fame began to balloon
    when he fought Viet-cong in the movie Platoon
    He fought the Commies in Red Dawn
    and in Major League was Ricky Vaughn
    But don’t expect him to give a damn
    unless they change the show to “Two & a half Grams”…

  22. The network can NOT complain…right after he went on the binge in NYC they actually came out and said….as long as he can do his job….
    So…..I think he case has merit.
    And I dont even think what he is doing is sane.

  23. I’ve watched this a couple of times and now I’m convinced…this is just a performance. The mugging, exaggeratedly boozy manner, stubble, uncombed hair, harsh lighting..all an attempt to get out of going to work on a show he reportedly had come to openly dislike doing any longer. If Sheen had wanted to impress a cable company on a possible talk show deal, $5,000 would have gotten a professional video made that would have the same polish as his network interview. I’m done with caring.

  24. That wasn’t a live broadcast because the caller Bob asked if it was breakfast time in Cali.

    Charlie looked like a train wreck waiting to happen.

  25. Charlie is now living his father’s movie “Shattered Dreams” (without the end).
    Sick man, needs help.
    Where is his pa????
    Martin, drag him to a rehab!!!!!!!

  26. Please someone take control over Charlie Sheen he does not know what he is doing. Doesn’t anyone care this guy is self destructing. He needs to be committed. There is a better way to live even if you are Hollywood.

  27. NOBODY cares about this guy except to suck the last dollar from his bleeding soon-to-be corpse. Hey, Charlie, could you send ME a couple bucks here in Garland? 75045, OK? Thanks. No coke though. I mean I’ld love to get some of that OBVIOUSLY good stuff you’re killing yourself with, but those damned cops you know. just send the cash. thanks. couple 100K would be fine. Thanks. Hello?? scared me. thought you were dead already. send the money first. OK?? Thanks man. You’re the tops.


  28. hopefully those sycophants will be arrested for aiding in his suicide when he dies. more hopefully he will get help. what a waste of talent — sometimes they recover like Robert Downey and sometimes they don’t like Heath Ledger. poor guy.

  29. No one cares. Much more important things happening than Gnarly Charlie.
    -NZ (remember their hurricane?)
    -Our own unemployment

  30. Somebody needs to get hold of Charlie and restrain him, detox him and get him help. He clearly is not capable of doing it himself. An arrest would be a blessing in disguise.

    This is not a case of a pampered cult hero having a tantrum. This is a man disintegrating at every level. We are looking at a twin of Lenny Bruce.

    Wake up Charlie, before they find you dead on your bathroom floor!

  31. I agree that none seems to be particularly bothered that a mentally ill man is being facilitated in airing his delusions for posterity. But then none seemed in any way concerned when he shot a woman, Kelly Preston, in the arm. Six years later he was involved in beating up girlfriend Brittany Ashland to which he plead no contest to a misdemeanour charge of battery with “serious bodily injury.” His latest wife Brooke Mueller was forced to seek medical care after the latest incident. What about that time recently when a terrified woman was forced to call 911 as she hid in the toilet whilst a maddened Sheen, naked, trashed his hotel room to which no charges were pressed? Who cares that he has numerous young children who need to be looked after? I think the article is ignoring those who have needed protection to demand care for the perpetrator.

  32. I feel the network owes him some compensation. While this show was on the top of the ratings, where was the network to suggest to Charley he tone down his drinking ; drugging and chasing around for his health?
    Silent is where they were.
    They used his bad habits to advertise the show.
    Is enabling something to sue for? I have no idea.
    Whatever is wrong with charlie, i hope he gets better.
    I think its good they fired him.
    Not for the networks sake.
    For charlies…..
    my 2 cents……

  33. Charlie, Dude… seriously, time to check in and spend a month or six at a farm somewhere and dry out. Please, dont emplode anymore. You’re swirling around the bowl and … don’t get flushed.

  34. Charlie Sheen is a douche bag that had it all… and chose to throw it all away. I’ve lost all respect for him after this latest rant. If he was not meth (or other disaster drug) in the past, he sure is now. His face is sunken in like he’s been smoking something other than his cigarette if indeed it was a cigarette as he claims. Mr. Carlos “Charlie Sheen” Estivez, you need help… get it while you can before myself and every other tax payer will have to fit the bill for you cause you blew all your money on smo-kin hotties and stupid “winning” catch phrases!

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