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Where is Charlie Sheen now? The news of his being fired from “Two and a Half Men” broke around 4pm EST. Since then, he hasn’t made a noise.Not even a Tweet. His last tweet was around the same time, 4pm, when he said he needed an intern. Earlier he’d responded to another tweet, saying “I invented Tulsa, OK…in my sleep.” Now, when all the word is waiting, there is silence. No silence from Warner Bros.’s lawyers, however. They hired powerhouse firm Munger, Tulles and Olsen. Attorney John W. Spiegel wrote Sheen’s lawyer, Marty Singer, a seven page missive that details all of Sheen’s antics for the last two years, recounts many specific quotes that Sheen himself probably doesn’t remember–gratuitous name calling rants that can’t be taken back, about CBS, Les Moonves, Chuck Lorre, everyone. The letter also observes that Warner TV chief Bruce Rosenblum and Les Moonves visited Sheen at home in February, and have bent over backwards to accommodate him even though 10 episodes of the show had been lost. Let’s face it: if anyone in a real job had done what Charlie Sheen had to their employer, they’d have been fired summarily long ago.

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  1. Hey Charlie, are you still winning? You wanted a catch slogan, how about this, “When a person screws up the best job in the world we can call it PULLING A CHARLIE.” Hey Sheen, you finally have your catch phrase.enjoy it, you earned it.

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