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Big headline this morning that Simon Cowell’s talking to Paula Abdul about joining “X Factor.” In fact, I told you last August 9th that this was already in the works. Cowell always planned on Paula being the “X Factor” in his judge panel. A high up at Sony told me that last fall. And that’s because the whole rivalry between “X Factor” and “American Idol” falls into a war between Universal Music Group, which now has the recording deals for “AI,” and Sony Music, which has “X Factor.” Steven Tyler, who records for Sony and judges for “AI,” is the exception, but he’s not an active recording artist for Sony. Jennifer Lopez, who’s debuting her new video on “AI,” is with UMG. Mariah Carey, therefore, is not likely to be on a Sony panel; that’s her ex-record company. Indeed, “X Factor” has lots of Sony artists to promote. And when Doug Morris, the new head of Sony and ex chief of UMG, starts work July 1st, I am sure he will be right in there with suggestions. I would say the bigger question is who will be Simon’s third judge? And knowing Simon, who’s the PT Barnum of our time, he will tease out many names between now and September. But trust me, he already knows the winner’s names.


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  1. I hope and pray you’re right. Paula is television gold with her heart on her sleeve and geniune affection for the contestants. Mixed with the gruff Cowell they are must see tv

  2. Maybe he’l get Randy Jackson! (not the producer, Michael’s brother!)
    That way he will have the original idol panel (at least by name).

    They should get someone like Mariah though, except signed with Sony.
    Barbra Streisand!!!

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