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Charlie Sheen, who I thought was a little quiet in recent hours, surfaced again today on a Philadelphia morning radio call in show. He told Chia and Shilo from Philly’s 96.5 that he’s close to making a deal with CBS and “Two and A Half Men.” He said he had faith,, not hope, that it was happening because “hope is for suckers.” Sheen called into the show because they flew a plane over his house and begged him to call. You can only imagine what his neighbors are thinking at this point. Anyway, there’s a lot of insane stuff in this interview as usual. Sheen said of people who are against him:  “They boil my tiger blood like a microwave on meth.” He added: “I don’t speak to them anymore. I speak past them. I don’t have any interest in being stuck in the mire of their stupidity. I lead with the truth. I’ve been inside the truth. If they decided to come around eventually… because the party over here is really bitching.” Congrats to the radio station; their gimmick paid off. Nothing like the rantings of a madman to get attention!

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  1. Charlie has balls.
    too bad the same cant be said of the rest of America.
    Anytime the MSM says someone is “crazy” or “madman” it gives credence to their message.
    time to stop worrying about what other people think and open your mind to the truth.

  2. Mmmm — I’m not sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Charlie Sheen might be crazy like a fox with his rantings. A lot of folks find his behavior interesting and entertaining, even COOL. There may just be commercial possibilities if it can be smartly harnessed in the right vehicle: internet blog, satelite radio show, cable reality show, etc.. Look no further than the successes of Howard Stern, TMZ, Radaronline, The Jersey Shore, among others. Charlie Sheen’s shenaigans may just be a fit for something like this. Look at how the late night and cable TV comics have been milking this to great comic effect and ratings. The things that make you go “hmmmm”!

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