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It’s a flashback! I told you on January 31st that the Courtney Love Twitter case was being settled. The amount involved was confidential. But Bryan Freedman, the attorney for the designer in the case, decided he needed some publicity. So he released the figure — $430,000 — to the Hollywood Reporter, and now they’re claiming an exclusive. Ha ha. Well. Dawn Simorangkir gets that money in monthly payouts over three years. It’s not exactly a windfall. Simorangkir sued for a million dollars. No one took the cast too seriously, alas. I’m told Freedman may have lost money on the case. If he’d had a strong case, he would have tried it–that’s what happens. Congrats to the Reporter for getting this scoop a month after we did! Good work! See http://www.showbiz411.com/2011/01/31/courtney-love-twitter-law-suit-will-be-settled-no-trial

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