Home Music Bieber Fever: Hundreds of Kids Post Videos for Born to Be Somebody

Hey kids: famed songwriter Diane Warren is really happy that hundreds of you have posted You Tube videos for her song “Born to Be Somebody.” Diane was beaming over the weekend showing me all the different versions–1200 to 1500–that kids have posted–boys, girls, children–from all over the place. Diane wrote the song for Justin Bieber to sing in his “Never Say Never” movie. The song has touched a nerve, and now everyone’s doing it. I’ve put four of the amateur You Tube creations in the video box below, and we’ll change them a couple of times to get some more in. They aren’t professional; this isn’t “American Idol.” But it reminds me of the old days when kids were trying to learn songs like Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game” or anything by James Taylor or Neil Young. Songs become anthems for generations, and something tells me Warren has written a timeless one. Do I hear a Grammy nomination for Best Song, 2012? Maybe! If you have more suggestions of amateur videos for this song, send them to me.

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