Home Celebrity Charlie Sheen’s Kids Removed from House–Thank Goodness

Charlie Sheen‘s ex wife, Brooke Mueller, had her two small sons removed from Sheen’s home last night. For some reason, Mueller didn’t think it was reasonable for the boys, not yet two years old, to be exposed to Charlie’s porn “goddesses,” his media parade, and admitted drug abuse. Mueller, who is trying to gain her own sobriety, now has the kids under her care with her mother and a caretaker. Sheen, meanwhile, was welcomed once again onto the Today show in what can only be described as an exploitation by the once sane news program. The Today Show always prided itself on being part of NBC News, and not entertainment. But what’s going on now is shameful. Jeff Rossen sat with Sheen and his lawyer in garden chairs at the foot of Sheen’s property at 4am this morning. The resulting 14 minute interview was simply another airing of Sheen’s crazy views with no real questions and no purpose other than to score ratings. J. Fred Muggs must be pawing in his grave. Is this what we’ve really come to? The Today Show should have better judgment than this. And Sheen looks–physically–worse and worse.

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