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Here are a few notes from last night’s Oscars. More will be coming this afternoon. Exclusive: Penelope Cruz says that her baby son with husband Javier Bardem is named Leonardo. I don’t think it’s for DiCaprio. “He is so beautiful,” Penelope told just as the Oscar show ended; she and Javier were among those meeting and greeting after the show, in the Kodak Theater just below the stage. Penelope says she’s not going back to work any time soon…James Franco was back in NY and heading for New Haven by 7am eastern time. He took the 10:40pm flight from LA, right from the Kodak Theater. He had to get back to class…Michelle Williams did battle a cold or virus all day yesterday. “I’ve been in bed five days and all I feel like doing is sleeping,” she told me. “I did everything to make this day good.” Her bff Busy Phillips was one of her guests…Sandra Bullock, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner and Kevin Huvane hung out in the little bar by the stage, where everyone complained that there was no TV. (There used to be.)  Ruffalo also got into a big talk with “Animal Kingdom” nominee Jacki Weaver… “Inception” director Chris Nolan got a Champagne toast from his friends and family…”Restrepo” filmmaker Sebastian Junger also hung out…so did Wendi Murdoch…Anne Hathaway sang with the deejay at the Chateau Marmont for the Weinstein Company after party…

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  1. Hathaway and Franco utterly bad. Leo disgusting acceptance speech, hope she disappears from view. So glad for Colin Firth and Natalie Portman. I have watched the Academy Awards for nearly 50 years. This was the worst awards evening in my still good memory-bring back Billy or Whoopi or SOMEBODY!!
    The juvenile antics from Hathaway and sleepy behavior from Franco were beyond belief!!!!!!! Celine Dion demonstrated that there is an enormous difference betwwen singers and actresses who think they are singers- a wonderful performance of ‘Smile’. Too bad, just too bad. MMH

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