Home Celebrity Helena Bonham Carter: She May Wrap Herself in the Flag Tonight

Helena Bonham Carter–Oscar nominee–won’t be wearing the usual designer dress tonight at the Academy Awards. No Prada, Armani, Dior, Gucci for her. HBC, who is an original herself, will be wearing a costume designed by Oscar winner and nominee tonight Colleen Atwood. Atwood does all of Tim Burton’s costumes for his films. What will it be like? I asked Helena. Colorful? “Widow’s weeds,” she told me at Harvey Weinstein’s SoHo House party last night. We were sitting in a booth with Tim, HBC’s mum, and our pal Melody Korenbrot. Helena said: “This whole thing has become about the fashion industry. I want to bring back to movies.” And this wasn’t even her original plan. HBC wanted to wear “a flag–the British flag and it drapes around. But everyone said it was too much!” She laughed. “I may wear it to the after parties. It would be a shame to waste it.” Yes, it would!

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