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Considering how carniverous Hollywood is, a lot of celebs made it to Arianna Huffington’s party on Friday night for Vegan crusader Kathy Freston (“Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change The World”).  Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban even put in an appearance because their friend Wendi Murdoch co-hosted.  It does seem like Kathy and Arianna have a friend’s pact to throw each other respective book parties– Kathy in New York  and Arianna in LA. They’re very prolific.

What a party it was.  Our Leah Sydney reports that the big names like Candice Bergen Rob Reiner, Moby and Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels huddled in a corner. Manager Dolores Robinson chatted up CBS Leslie Moonves and his  wife  Julie Chen. Kathy’s media mogul husband Tom Freston,  Paramount’s Brad Grey and Imagine’s Brian Grazer confabbed with Oliver Stone, who brought his lovely daughter Tara as his date and told us he’s in the editing room-still working on his ten hour documentary-’Oliver Stone’s Secret History of America’- editing it-and working on the script for ‘Savages,’ his next thriller.

And more: Alana Stewart chatting with Barbara and Nancy Davis,  comedian and director David Steinberg and his lovely producer wife Robyn Todd., Frances Fisher chatting with singer Jimmy Demers and Marla Maples, New York refugee Richard Johnson. Manager John Carrabino, Bob Daly, Jeff Bezos, Lawrence Bender, Tracy Ullman, Jim Wiatt,  Robert Iger and Willow Bay, Rick Nicita and Paula Wagner, Kimberly Brooks (wife of Albert), and Agapi Stassinopolous, Arianna’s writer-sister.

PS How many of these people headed to In N Out Burger right afterwards, I cannot say accurately. But we should really listen to Kathy!

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