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Michael Jackson must be rolling in his grave. This morning his mother, Katherine Jackson, pimped out his three kids–Prince, Paris, know and Blanket– on “Good Morning America.” The kids, and Katherine, appeared with Robin Roberts, who I hope did not she was being used to shill for Katherine Jackson’s “business partner,” Howard Mann, to sell the expensive book of photographs he’s been selling on his website.

The longish segment ended with a big plug for the book by Robin herself. Did money change hands for this interview? Katherine Jackson and Howard Mann do nothing for free, so perhaps the whole objective was to sell that book that no one wants.

The segment also promoted the idea that there is a new Heal the World Foundation. There is not. The foundation closed years before Michael died. Mann has been ordered by a federal court to stop using the name, the Jackson estate has made it clear that the foundation has nothing to do with Michael Jackson.

Nevertheless, in this interview the children were used to advance the idea. Roberts noted, hilariously, that Prince Jackson, age 14, “is on the board of Heal the World.” What does he want to do? “Help animals who can’t speak for themselves.” (What about those that can?) One day, those poor kids will realize how they were used for this scheme. Where is Margaret Lodise, the court appointed lawyer for these children? How did they allow this to happen?

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  1. Katherine Jackson needs to leave PPB alone and let them be CHILDREN. The Jacksons keep complaining that MJ had no childhood and did not live a normal life so why are they doing the same thing to those poor kids????? It’s AWFUL.

  2. the docter that cared for michael jackson should learn how to help people not die i heard that michael jackson sister said that the docter should not learn i wish michael jackson never died he should went to another docter but michael jackson who every person that loves him he is in there haerts even my heart he was the best singer i have ever liked i have a ds game called michael jackson experents

  3. i want to replace michael jackson im a kid a girl but i look like michael jackson and sing like him and look like him if i put a bun in my hair i can sing the holl song of man in the mirror i want to be a actor a actor of michael jackson

  4. Everyone has an opinion. Grandmother understands that people are curious about the children and want to see them and hear them. No matter what, they are going to be celebrity children. Thank God it’s Katherine that’s grooming them and not Joseph. Everybody has a way they would handle the situation if in charge, but no body else has had the experience to share their thoughts with Katherine. Somedays I don’t agree with the things that are done, but that’s all I can do disagree. Can’t change, so why say mean hateful things. Pray that God will continue to give her everything she needs to adequately parent the remaining years that they need parenting. Let’s love, not judge. Her daughter-in-law lived 20 years in the Jackson shadow, I have thought how uncomfortable that must be for Halemia at times. Maybe now “normal” or more normal can be incorporated in the ongoing healing process so badly needed for the family. Alejeria has held them hostage, what a way to thank your children’s grandparents

  5. Kathrien Jackson, you will always have my prays for as long as im a fan of michaels nobody can stop that not some low lifes that are talking bad about michael i love michael jackson and your family Love you guys always and the kids 2 Lacy curry

  6. Im tired of everyone saying that kathiren is giveing the kids to much tv time. michael would want that for his kids thats how he started out does everyone not know how michael started his career at all. if you watch is movies and about his live then you would understand where michael is comeing from. kathrine if michael was here today i would marry him in a heartbeat. i love him and his music i love him the way he is there is nothing wrong with that. i love your whole family love you all lacy

  7. maybe katherine should cut back on the tv interviews with the kids i c nothing wrong with this compare to how the media and so called friends of mike used his name and image to make money off him by sensationalism over the years but since everyone judge the jacksons so much of every little thing they do maybe katherine should stop 4 now and just wait until they get a little more older 4 this and help them if they want to be in showbiz cause my god people thinks these kids are being treated like POW’s or slaves or something every time they be on tv i think it rather risky esp how media and some people don’t like her being over those kids this could lead chaos esp after what happened during that stun gun problems last year and how DCF was so eager to take them away im sure katherine doesn’t want to go back down that road again i guess that y she kicked the rest of grand kids out of the house cause of that and i don’t blame her

  8. I no for a fact if the children still have a lawyer the are keeping tabs on everthing thats going on
    and they will untill the children are 18

  9. First, they used Michael Jackson as money machine, and now they used MJ’s kids…this is the legacy? Do they want to repeat history of another sad story x 3 ( since MJ has 3 lovely kids, he had protected all along from exposing to the public).

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