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There’s more from the Rolling Stone interview with Justin Bieber, now on the stands. In the alarming thin magazine, the superstar teen role model tells writer  Vanessa Grigoriadis that he thinks the 1969 Apollo trip to the moon was “a conspiracy” because he saw something about it on the internet. Frankly, the whole interview is just one more small step for idiocy as we see how this kid was invented from nothing. He should really rent the NASA conspiracy movie “Capricorn One” with OJ Simpson and James Brolin.

He’s an illiterate backwoods kid from Canada whose two year trip into the “real world” has done nothing for him: instead of allowing it to open his mind, little Bieber has buried his nose in video games. He doesn’t read newspapers, knows nothing of current events, and doesn’t care. He’s the product of parents who had him at ages — maybe– 20 and 19. It’s actually unclear whether the parents ever did marry. The father, who calls himself Lord Bieber on websites and plays online fantasy games, is now married with two more children. The parents are living off the kid.

You just know this going to end in tears too since Bieber,who turns 17 in a few days, is tiny and doesn’t seem to be growing. He says he’s doing everything to emulate Michael Jackson, but remember: Michael was very tall. Also, in the article, Bieber has wrapped each of his fingertips in tape for no apparent reason. Of course, Jackson did this a long time ago. There isn’t an original thought in Bieber’s mind.

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  1. Thankyou Roger for writing the truth about this kid. He seems to have most of the media tricked. Nobody has ever mentioned his parents! They are so young, and his father is a deadbeat.

    After alot of the things he has said in RS, i think he might be marginally insane.

    When his fans start to abandon him the media will turn on him. I cant wait!

  2. The interview was a bit ding-y, but give the kid a break. He isn’t even 17 yet.

    And why discount his humongous success? For someone always compalining about the death of the music biz, you’d think you’d be a little more grateful for someone actually selling CDs and getting attention.

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