Home Celebrity On the Town: A Rod, Cameron, Elton, Bill Clinton

Soho House in West Hollywood has become the go to spot for the A list at lunchtime, as well as late night. Yesterday, Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez had lunch with two guys who were either lawyers or accountants. Prenup? Moving in? Who knows? Let the guessing begin.

Near them, past Oscar nominee Djimon Honsou chatted with “Star Shape” guru Nikki Haskell, whose new appetite suppressant is a hit in Hollywood with all the gals. Toward the end of lunch, none other than Sir Elton John arrived from his nearby palatial digs. Elton’s trying to get some sleep these days since he and David Furnish welcomed a son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. The famed rocker is getting ready to host his annual Oscar gala for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, on Sunday night, February 27th.

Meanwhile the one and only former president Bill Clinton dined at Phillippe Chow in Miami last week. Phillippe Chow in New York has also hosted Barack Obama and Al Gore. It’s the executive branch of Chinese food, apparently.

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