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Finally, some useful advice on a morning show! Al Roken interviewed New York real estate queen Barbara Corcoran today. They took a call from Marsha in Barlett, New Hampshire who has a problem with her neighbor: there are several junked cars on the property causing an eyesore. Corcoran, who resembles chipper actress Sandy Duncan, had a great solution: “I would get a gun and kill the guy,” she advised Marsha. Al Roker almost had a stroke and started shouting: “She’s just kidding!” The Today show may have taken down the video, but just in case. it’s at www.today.msn.com/id/2618489/vp/41578728#41578728

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  1. Is Mizz Corcoran’s face the same color as her blazer? Isn’t that the same skin condition that Italian designers like Valentino Garavani have?

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