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“Rock of Ages,” the Broadway musical about pop and rock music from the 1980s, is getting a surprise addition to its cast. Of course, you’ve read about Tom Cruise taking the lead role–and it’s true. I’m told Cruise has signed off on the project. And while there’s been speculation that Gwyneth Paltrow is joining Cruise, that still has not materialized. In the meantime, I can tell you exclusively that the Queen of Hip Hop, Miss Mary J. Blige has signed on to play Justice, the bartender and mother of the character named Sherrie. One of Justice’s main songs is the 80s chestnut, “Harden My Heart.” Mary J is absolutely perfect casting.

Blige, who has a huge following from her music career, has been trying to move into film for some time. She’s trying to put together a film bio the legendary singer, Nina Simone, which sources say may be coming together soon. But “Rock of Ages” will give her a chance to make a supporting splash and not have to carry the film on her back. Cruise, by the way, despite all the noise around his possible participation, only agreed finally to do the film on Friday.

Mary J is certainly busy these days. She also just filmed a video remix of Sean Diddy Combs’s “Someone to Love” with Combs and Lil Wayne that’s said to be amazing. On Saturday night, she sang Joni Mitchell’s “Free Man in Paris” as part of a tribute to David Geffen at Clive Davis’s pre Grammy gala.

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  1. OH PLlllleeeeaasssse. Tom Cruise couldn’t be more wrong for the role, this casting is as horrendous as him being cast as Lestat. He RUINED that film.
    Stacy Jaxx has to have a sense of humor and irony, Tom Cruise has none of that. Because of his casting I will not be seeing this film.

  2. Tom Cruise’s role in Magnolia proved he can play this kind of role amazingly well, so it is a perfect cart for that role. I can’t wait to see him on this one.

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