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Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick  showed Clive Davis’s A list party crowd how superstars make history last night. In front of a double A list crowd in the Beverly Hilton grand ballroom, the two cousins (their mothers are sisters) brought down the house with “That’s What Friends Are For” in a tribute to Warwick’s 50 years in showbiz. It was the culmination of  a magic night that included performances by Jennifer Hudson–who was amazing in her own tribute to Aretha Franklin— as well as Mumford & Son, Mary J. Blige, R Kelly, Janelle Monae, Cee Lo Green, and “Glee” star Matthew Morrison.

And the room was jammed with celebrities, from Cher (who came to honor David Geffen as an Industry Icon), to Warren Beatty, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, Quincy Jones, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher, Jon Voight, Neil Young, David Crosby, Usher, Monica, Brandy, Jackie Collins, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, Randy Jackson, socialite Barbara Davis, Carole Bayer Sager and Bob Daly, David Foster, Leona Lewis, Toni Braxton, Verdine White (of Earth Wind and Fire), Jane Lynch, Suzanne de Passe, Penny Marshall, Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, Tracy Ullman, Gayle King, Ari Emanuel, Barry Manilow, Dave Grohl, Martina McBride, Bill Maher, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Nick Lachey, songwriters Diane Warren and Desmond Child, Narada Michael Walden, Sam Moore, George Schlatter, Kathy Griffin, Nick Jonas, Les Moonves and Julie Chen.

Note to Justin Bieber: both Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus were in the room and there was not a bit of commotion.

Also–so many legends of the record biz-Mo Ostin, Lou Adler, Doug Morris (who’s taking over Sony Music July 1st, as I exclusively reported), Berry Gordy, Marty Bandier, Evan Lamberg, Michael Lippman, Larry Jackson, Barry Weiss, LA Reid, Arnold Stiefel, Guy Oseary, Elliot Roberts, Richard Palmese, Tom Corson, Randy Phillips, Joel Katz, and so on.

And a stealth guest at the People magazine table: Facebook co-creator Sean Parker, who also invented Napster, the downloading service that brought down the music business. Parker confirmed for me he’s bought the big townhouse he’s been renting in Greenwich Village for a tidy sum of 20 –that’s twenty–million dollars. Welcome, neighbor!

The funniest line of the night about the music business, from Clive: “We had to do the place cards in pencil.”

And Cher, of course, at the podium, introducing one time lover Geffen, who now has a male partner: “I don’t even know what this f—– award is.”

And Clive, at the very end of the show, as Whitney and Dionne finished up, and Whitney had no stage direction: “I found you when you were 19 and I’m still your boss,” he said lovingly, and pulled her to his side.

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  1. I’m a big fan of superstar whitney eversince i came to know her through her beautiful voice.I have came to know her ups and down and havd ached when her bad situations in her life. I want her to come out on top again.she is my hero!

  2. Whitney you are a true inspiration, your voice is like no other, When I was ten yrs.old and I heard you on the radio singing the ”Greatest Love Of All” I just knew you were a force to be recken with and at that very moment i just knew i would be a fan for life. ”MAY GOG BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY”

  3. Whitney i’ve loved you since i was a little girl, and i heard u on the radio in 1986, singing the greatest love of all i was only ten yrs.old and i knew right then that u were a force to be recken with, ur voice was so powerful it did something to me and i just knew at that very moment that i would be a fan for life,Whitney you are a true inspiration and a pillard of strenght for me and every person out here in the world, ”MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN UR FAMILY”

    ”A true fan 4 Life”

    A true fan for life

  4. Dear whitney, av always luvd u since i was a child.. Ur a pillar of strength and inspiration to millions out dere. I c u bein restored bigtime cuz he will b a shield for u nd a lifter of your hed. God bless u always

  5. Whitney you inspire us all to not only be a better musician , but a better person as well. What people didnt catch was that you have that i’ve been PRACTICING and im in the studio voice :)….we already know this summer you bout to murder it again!!!!!!!!!!!!….May God continue to Bless You

  6. Hi, Nippy i’m so proud of u girl ur one of the hard working females in the business and just keep up the good work. I LOVE U NIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. As a fan for years, I wish whitney houston all the best in life. There is no one like you with that package, beauty, voice, love, care and class. i would love to be there in a room full with legends like you.
    god bless you and your family

  8. whitney: my wife and I know that the Lord loves listening to his gift for him, for us and the world.The annointing on your voice is supernatural!


  9. I would love for you to come back to england whitney and do some more concerts and as im your number 1 fan i will surely be there,I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU WHITNEY.XXXXxxx

  10. As a fan, I wish Whitney Houston all the best. I am optimistic she can reach the top and hear that angelic voice again. Please take care, and lest you forget, your fans count in millions.

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