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At first I thought every one was being “punked.”

But it does seem like Lady GaGa–aka Stephanie Germanotta–has ripped off Madonna’s hit song, “Vogue,” for her own new single, “Born this Way.” The melody, the spoken word part, the whole thing comes from the Material Girl’s 20 year old dance hit.

How very bizarre. But Lady GaGa’s prior hits and her act in general have always harkened back to Madonna’s halcyon era. Her current cover of Vogue magazine, I guess, is supposed to be some signal of all this but what does it mean? Is this a tribute to Madonna or a send up of her?

And why do it at all? Germanotta has had one hit album that she’s milked for some time. I probably sound very old school when I say this not how long term careers are made. If she is trying to follow Madonna’s career path, Germanotta should know that Madonna’s trajectory brought originality, not just shock, to with all her original moves.

Madonna’s “Vogue”– I want to take this too seriously–also was genius in a way because it distilled a moment in pop culture, bringing the “Vogue” dance crazy from clubs to the mainstream. “Born this Way” does nothing. There are no new ideas here.

Pop music doesn’t have to be refried and packaged. Just go on line and listen to Jennifer Hudson’s gorgeous new R&B single, called”Where You At,” written by R Kelly. In three minutes it not introduces a great catch phrase, but also delivers Hudson’s amazing, unfettered vocal in original setting. It’s A plus, while this is a D, with notations about possible plagiarism.

PS I was surprised about “Born this Way” that I had to compare it from ITunes to make sure it was real.

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  1. She ripped of Madonna’s Express Yourself. You can listen to the songs over each other and they work together. Vogue is more the style she’s copying…just FYI :)

  2. It sounds like a mix of Vogue, TLC’s Waterfalls and Express Yourself. When i hear it on the radio I sing along to the other artist lyrics. lol
    Definitely has Waterfalls in it

  3. Madonna has been ripping off other artist’s lyrics, music, and images since she started in the music biz. Now she will know how it feels to be plagiarized.

  4. Most people akin BTW to Express Yourself also by Madonna. Contains elements of Express Yourself, Vogue and others mentioned bits of Kylie Minogue and P!nk as well. Total swagger jack and you’re absolutely right. BTW is very similar in title to Bruce Springstein’s Born To Run. In fact looking at the lettering style in Bruce’s cover of BTR is exactly the same as Lady Gaga’s BTW. Hmm, ya think? I immediately thought of BTR title after hearing Gaga’s title back few weeks. Yep, she’s inherited Beyonce’s penchant for swagger jacking… uncanny.

  5. Everyone else is saying Born This Way is a ripoff of Madonna’s Express Yourself, not Vogue. Personally I don’t see the similarity with either, except both are dance tumes.

  6. JHud’s new song is amazing.

    While the whole Gaga schtick is reminiscent of Madge, I don’t think BTW sounds too similar to Vogue. The beat is very different. And the chorus doesn’t remind me of Madonna.
    Whichever way you look at it, Gaga’s fans will love it, and it will be more successful than it is good.

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