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It looks like Annette Bening’s follow up to her Oscar nominated performance in “The Kids Are All Right” will be directed by Rob Reiner with Morgan Freeman as her co-star.

Reiner told our Leah Sydney at the AARP dinner at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel: “I’m working on a film the title of it now is now called “The Third Act”-it looks like we’ll have Morgan Freeman and Annette Bening in it together. I don’t want to tell you more about it because we haven’t  even started shooting yet.  You’re the only person I’ve told. It hasn’t been announced.  I’m directing –producing and doing some rewriting from an original script by a fellow named Guy Thomas.” Rob also told us, “I’m working on the court challenge to Prop 8, trying to overturn it and deliver marriage equality to everybody.”

Reiner accepted an award for his movie “Flipped,” which was not a hit but has its fans. His dad, the legendary Carl Reiner, gave him the award. Carl quipped, “When Rob was very young, we knew he would be special-he as alert all the time. I mean it-this kid never slept.   I shep nachas from him I wish for all of you the same shep nachsing I get from Robbie.”

Rob Reiner then come up and said,  “I want to thank my father for making love to my mother almost 64 years ago. “  Carl, then in the audience shouted out: “My pleasure!”  Then Rob said, “They had sex only three times cause they had three children.” To which Carl retorted: “Ten times!”

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  1. Wonderful news about “The Third Act”: The powerful threesome, Bening, Freeman and Riener with political theme, thank you god! Also love Bening’s natural look, lovely laugh lines and rockin bod.

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