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The great and legendary Aretha Franklin, contrary to crazy web reports, is not appearing live on stage at Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Miss Franklin, if you are new to this planet, travels by bus. She does not fly. She rarely travels west of the Rockies, and she’s still recuperating from her winter illness. So she’s taped a video message that will be played during the show for her fans–who are everyone, really. She is fine and dandy. She will look a lot thinner, I think, than in her last public outing. But she is healthy. There will be a tribute to her on stage, which there should be every year. But it’s not a send off. Aretha will be back, and soon!

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  1. Aretha hasn’t been out of the country in over 25 years or more. She travels by bus,and rarely makes the trip to LA.I think it was in 2006 that she made her first trip back in over 20 years.

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