Home Media WGA: “Mad Men” Named Best Drama, and Best Episodic Series

“Mad Men” won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Drama. Series writer Erin Levy also won for Best Episodic Drama–an award for a specific episode.

Series creator Matthew Weiner accepted the award, ironic since he still has no deal to do a fifth season of the popular, award winning show.

Weiner joked, “We thought you forgot about us.” He then brought up all the writers for the show. Weiner was referring to the fact that HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” has lately been picking up all the drama awards for television. Indeed, “Boardwalk Empire” won the award for Best New Drama.

“Modern Family” won Best Comedy. “The Social Network” won Best Adapted Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. “Inception” by Christopher Nolan won Best Original Screenplay.

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock joked that the WGA Awards are so obscure, guests have to pay for their own parking. Well, that’s the story of writers in Hollywood, isn’t it? There would be no movies or TV without them, but writers are always third class citizens.

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