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Before everyone gets too excited: the wrongful death suit brought by Katherine Jackson against AEG Live was allowed to proceed on Wednesday by Judge Yvette Palazuelos. However: little remains of the case. Katherine Jackson’s attempt to wrest millions from AEG Live was “gutted,” as on one observer described it. Not only that, but Jackson choreographer Kenny Ortega was removed as a defendant by the judge. Also, the judge said in her remarks that she doubted the Jackson case had much left to it.

“If the object was to get him to rehearsals, I don’t see that as a wrongful or illegal act,” she said. The judge threw out the three complaints concerning fraud. What remains are three complaints concerning Dr. Conrad Murray. They’e gone to summary judgment. That means the judge will rule without a trial.

Katherine Jackson is no doubt frustrated by her attempts to sue someone in the death of her son, Michael. This didn’t help. The Jackson lawsuit would like to make AEG Live responsible for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to care for Michael. But AEG Live never had a contract with Dr. Murray and never paid him. Michael Jackson died in Dr. Murray’s care before any of that could happen. The doctor, in fact, had already been in Michael’s employ.

The people who were following Michael Jackson’s progress during rehearsals for the “This Is It” tour by and large didn’t even know who Dr.Murray was on the day Michael died. This reporter can tell you that when I asked about him on June 25, 2009, everyone associated with the tour said, “Michael asked us to hire him. He brought him in.”

It’s going to be a rude awakening when everyone realizes that Michael Jackson, who’d abused his leverage with doctors for more than 20 years, brought about his own demise by making a deal with Murray. AEG Live had nothing to do with that.

Meantime, the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate are suing Mrs. Jackson and Howard Mann, her business partner, for violating their copyrights, etc.

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  1. Natalie –
    Obviously you didn’t follow the preliminary hearing. The evidence and witnesses was so overwhelming with negligence by Murray and that is why this case is going to trial. For you to state Michael was using and abusing drugs for 50 years is a laugh. So you think he was using drugs since birth? lol I truly hope you never have a loved one with an immediate life or death situation and dies because your doctor decided not to call 911 for 25 minutes because your doctor was too busy hiding all the evidence of his own guilt. Michael’s autopsy proves no other meds were found in his system other than the ones Murray injected into him that day.

    Roger – Thanks for the update on KJ’s lawsuit with AEG. I don’t understand why her entire case wasn’t thrown out as she had no proof/evidence in any statement she made. It was all based on hearsay and her lawyers are only trying to make money from her. They deserve to have their license revoked for ignorance.

  2. Wow roger you can’t seem to make up your mind. First you say Murray should be tried for murder and now you say Michael is responsible for his own demise!

  3. One thing for sure is that you can not have your way all your life. You need someone to say NO so you could make reasonable decisions. I believe MJ didn’t have that and it was the key to his demise. I love what he gave the world he talent that God bless him with and love for humanity. Other than that he was spoiled and wouldn’t accept No as an option.

  4. The truth obviously died with the dream. It is a sad occasion that we have come to dissecting people after death when they no longer have a voice. The system stinks.

    I have found myself wishing many times that Michael never sang Climb Every Mountain at that 3rd grade assembly. It was too beautiful to last for long. Just like a lone flower in a meadow of grassy green, it will garner the glory and the accolades and at its most beautiful stage, the weeds will covet all the sunlight around it and it will wither and die.

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love Michael Jackson. He was a gift. One day there will be a world who will know that and will honor him for all the right reasons. This one sadly is not that world of which I speak.

  5. Michael Jackson had something that a lot of people would have loved to have. He had the ability to abuse drugs and not have drug abuse damage his health. He could get whacked out of his mind and it would do nothing to his health. Roger you should find out how he managed to do it. Because lets face it you are like what 200 pounds overweight? If you were paying attention to the hearing that took place in June you would have known that Frank Dileo, Kenny Ortega, and Randy Philips knew who Conrad Murray was. In fact you would know that it was Frank who negotiated Murray’s salary. And nothing for nothing but the judge did not remove Mr Ortega, Mrs Jackson’s lawyer did the day before the hearing. Anytime I can help with facts Roger let me know

  6. I don’t wont any mother to suffer over a child’s death. I liked Mr. Michael Jackson, and what ever he done with his life is not for us to judge. People can be so judgemental. Like he said LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

  7. The leverage he is referring does not necessary refer to prescription medicines. MJ was treated differently than other people by plastic surgeons in the surgeries he had done and at least one dermatologist in the medical treatment he received for vitiligo and even dentists..

  8. Mrs. Jackson keeps looking for someone ANYONE to sue in the death of her son. But the bottom line is, as Roger says in his article above, that her son brought his death all by himself.

    Dr, Murray just happened to be the unlucky and unfortunate doctor who ended up with him when the end came. Really,it could’ve been any doctor in that room on that day. Dr. Murray was there because he needed money to support his army of children and baby mothers. His greed and desperation for money is what led him to being the unlucky doctor who “drew the short straw” in regards to Michael Jackson.

    Anyone who knew Michael foresaw his death by overdose. It was just a matter of time. Katherine Jackson needs to start accepting that fact and realize that while Dr. Murray was totally irresponsible for administering Propofol, sooner or later, something would’ve ended Michael’s life. Michael spent much of his 50 years abusing and misusing drugs and manipulating doctors to do it. He met his end because of that fact. Nothing more. Nothing less. Period.

  9. “It’s going to be a rude awakening when everyone realizes that Michael Jackson, who’d abused his leverage with doctors for more than 20 years, brought about his own demise by making a deal with Murray.”

    If you have first hand knowledge of Michael Jackson “leveraging” with doctors, maybe you should be on the witness list. In fact, maybe you should be called as an expert witness, since you think you know so much about proper medical care.

    Or maybe you should just report the news and refrain from expressing opinions and facts not in evidence.

  10. Can you give me proof that Michael Jackson was abusing his leverage with Doctors for the last 20 years, presumably you are refering to drugs Roger?
    From my research Michaels autopsy showed NO sign of drug abuse and bottles of tablets found at the scene had only 3/4 tablets removed. Doesnt sound like a drug addict to me! But if you have further information please let me know, I like my research to be correct.

    And as for bringing about his own demise, I think it prpbably best that you, the rest of the media, and the fans wait for the trial before making such a statement!!!

  11. Why was Kenny Ortega read the riot act by Randy Phillips and others from AEG for intervening in Jackson’s regime when he sent him home for fear that he was seriously ill if they were not the ones calling the shots with the doc?

  12. Good. Katherine deserves this. Michael would also be ‘gutted’ with all actions and greed for money. Doing business with porn people, using his kids for her own interview, and many more. she thought she has become an overnight celebrity herself.

    No sympathy, whatsoever, for jackson family. They deserve all the stress and coming to them. The best think that occurred to them is the birth and death of MJ. Other than than, they are nothing.

    Now after Murry’s trial is over, hope we will never hear from them again. Their career and 15 minutes fame needs to be burried with Michael.

    Such a disguesting family. Suing Kenny for what? It is unbelievable. Hope AEG wouldn’t bite for out of court settlement and that is what the Jacksons are craving for. I heard the lawyer they hired has a good fame with settling civil cases out of court. Hope AEG drags them in court and drains them both emotionally and financially.

    They thought they own the whole world. Greedy and truely dispicable and to be ‘gutted’ at. They deserve all the embarassment and the shame.

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