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A Barbra Streisand concert? Sort of impossible to get into. If she has one.

But Streisand kicks off Grammy weekend when she receives the Person of the Year Award from MusiCares on February 11th. MusiCares is the foundation that takes care of musicians in need of anything from healthcare to assistance of all of kinds.

This is the way Person of the Year works–a couple dozen guest stars sing songs associated with the honoree. Then the night’s star usually does one or two numbers. I’m told Barbra is going to do a show. That is, after she designs the set, the lighting, the arrangements. You can actually win two tickets to this historic show — which takes place at the LA Convention Cener–at www.barbrastreisand.com.

A number of superstars are lined up already: Stevie Wonder, Jeff Beck, Bebe Winans, Lee Ann Rimes, and Seal are among those on the list. Expect Neil Diamond to maybe show up–he was Person of the Year a couple of years ago. If Barry Gibb feels “Guilty” enough to join in, expect the Barbramaniacs to go wild.

A name I’d like to see: Gladys Knight, whose cover version of “The Way We Were” followed Barbra’s up the charts in 1974. That would be cool.

Streisand is such a great choice for MusiCares, because she is very philanthropic: she’s given millions to charity through her personal foundation.

I’m told MusiCares is readying a big announcement for right after the Grammys. They do what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t-they take care of the people who’ve entertained us.

The next night: the Clive Davis party, with NARAS, honoring David Geffen. There will be no sleep Grammy weekend! Davis’s party should include surprise performances by Rod Stewart, Jennifer Hudson, and Jamie Foxx but probably not Alicia Keys. Her “Element of Freedom” was mysteriously snubbed by the Grammy committee.

Late possible names for Clive Davis: Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

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