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Charlie Sheen is supposed to be in a 90 day rehab. Reports says he’s doing the work at home, which sounds specious (the house is spacious). Also some reports say Sheen will be back to work on “Two and  A Half Men” in three to four weeks. Hmmmm….Not much rehab is going to get done.

Of course, CBS and Warner Bros. TV are nervous they won’t have first run episodes for April and May. Hundreds of people’s livelihoods are afffected by the stoppage of “Two and a Half Men.” I say: why not temporarily replace Charlie?

It’s not like continuity is so important to a sitcom. Indeed, Sheen was brought in to replace an ailing Michael J. Fox years ago on “Spin City.” He knows the game. The show must go on.

Since Jon Cryer is the stable part of the show, why not just say that brother Charlie has flipped for some woman and taken off to Fiji. Enter a cousin who needs a place to stay. The twist: the cousin is more straight laced than Cryer’s Alan. All kinds of hilarity could ensue as Alan acts more like Charlie to the cousin’s horror. So many good actors are available, out of work, and not needing rehab, why not give one a chance? Do it as a six episode arc. Matthew Broderick would be perfect the guest star.

Should Charlie Sheen be temporarily replaced so the cast and crew of “Two and a Half Men” can keep working? What do you think? Comment below.

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  1. Brilliant idea. Sounds like a winner. I’d watch. Charlie Sheen is a white hot and mercurial mess, and how he keeps lurching from vile shocker to the next sordid scandal unscathed defies belief. I say give your scenario a shot, and if it works, toss him. Too many decent (and talented) people out of work for this knuckle-dragging, abusive cokehead to keep getting endless chances.

  2. I really like the Broderick idea. They need another big star to fill Sheen’s shoes.

    I think they should just finish the episodes off at the end of the season with a few more weeks of new episodes. 2.5 men will still rate just as well in the off season.

    They managed fine last year when Sheen went to rehab in February. They just made 22 instead of 24 eps, and finished their season a bit later than normal.

  3. OMG — I LOVE this idea! They are like wonderful peas in a pod, and it could inject some nice fresh blood into that show. I know it’s extremely popular, but I for one am getting a little tired of the one joke of Charlie’s character.

  4. Yes, I thought he should be replaced. Since his character has been drinking so much lately in the past few episodes, why not say he’s in rehab? Life imitates art. I’d love to see more stories of his mother, housekeeper Berta, and his nephew, too.

  5. Charlie Sheen’s life is at stake, his unwillingness to face the reality of his terrible dilemma is indicative of the disease, he is a very sick man-and not the youngest by the way. As for Two and a Half-why not come up with a new show for Jon Cryer-at this point in time, the series means nothing to Charlie-and yes, Roger, we see far too little of Matthew Broderick!!!!!!!! He needs to stop being Missy’s husband and get back to being the talented actor that he is(how is that for twisted grammar?????MMH

  6. Maybe if they dump his azz I will finally watch the show. I wish Sheen only the worst. The way he treats women, his exes, his children and everyone who works with him is disgusting.

  7. I think Sheen is still not taking his problem – COCAINE – seriously. I believe that it is possible that he will not take it seriously until he does a Robert Downy Jr. and ends up in real jail for a year or so. Or dies.

    As to a replacement? Will not work. The show *IS* Charlie.

    Maybe it’s time for everyone to move on. Script-wise, the show has “jumped the shark” anyway.

    – Arty

  8. No way! This guy is the draw of the show. You think putting on a different show will get the ratings even a rerun of 2& half men?
    Just get him help for 30 days and have a guy with him to make sure he is not giving into temptation.

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