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Vanity Fair should be announcing its cover stars for its annual Oscar issue any minute now. But I am told that the number 1 Hollywood magazine snared Oscar hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco for the cover. The shoot, held in mid December, also boasts up and comer Anthony Mackie and “Buried” star Ryan Reynolds. Natalie Portman had been scheduled for the shoot, but the word is her pregnancy prevented it. (Maybe she had morning sickness.)

It’s a three panel deal so there are plenty more A listers. The cover is described Prince like as a new power generation.

The funny thing is how everyone–the trades, the regular mags like Newsweek–are all trying to copy the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue. It won’t work.

Meantime, I hear that Vanity Fair has a socko story about Harvey Weinstein’s “comeback” by Bryan Burroughs. He’s bullish on Harvey, as is a documentary that’s supposed to screen in Toronto on February 10th.

The fact is that Harvey and brother Bob weathered the rough transition from the end of their Disney deal through the recession and some poor film choices. With “The Reader” and “inglourious Basterds,” they started the long climb back. And they were refinanced brilliantly. And refocused on their core business.

Five short years later, “The King’s Speech” is booming. “Blue Valentine” has turned into an indie box office hit. Next season, the Weinsteins’ Oscar film is called “Marilyn and Me” starring Michelle Williams–she’s supposed to be amazing. And at Sundance they picked up “The Details” and “My Idiot Brother”–two potential hits.

PS Word is very strong on the new Oscar broadcast for February 27th. Producer Bruce Cohen and the regular Academy gang is putting together a hotm funny show. Lots of pre-tapes and maybe some parodies a la Billy Crystal!

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