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Exclusive: Frank Cascio, Michael Jackson’s closest friend and longtime associate, has signed a book deal with HarperCollins’s William Morrow division.

Cascio, who sometimes has been known as Frank Tyson, is the eldest son of the Cascio family of New Jersey, Jackson’s surrogate family.

It was Cascio to whom Michael turned in 2003 when he needed someone to oversee the Arvizo family. It was Cascio’s record keeping that helped exonerate Jackson on the counts of conspiracy in 2005.

Frank Cascio’s brother, Eddie, is the author and producer of several tracks on Michael’s new album, called “Michael.”

But it was Frank who originally worked on that music with another singer.

Now Frank Cascio will explain his and his family’s long relationship with Michael and with his kids.

Frank is also setting up a charitable venture into which he will contribute proceeds from the book. I hear that the charitywill build schools and help children in Haiti. Details are forthcoming. And many big name celebs are said to be signing on. (I can’t say the names, but they’re the real deal.)

If anyone in the Jackson saga was to write a memoir — besides manager Frank DiLeo–it would have to be Frank Cascio. His 25 year relationship with the pop star was a constant, whether Jackson was experiencing highs or lows.

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  1. my aunt is 22 and she talks spanish but she loves you she cries she gets sick olot she thinks a lot for you she thinks she haves baby from you his name is micheal junior her name is joahnna padron i em writing this for her i em 8 years old my name is isabel

  2. All you who think this book is going to be truthful you are being disillusioned. This guy didn’t sell him out before death and he’s not going to after death. This is a ploy to keep money rolling in!!! WAKE-UP and stop being gullible!!!!

  3. We don’t need this book, ’cause we have a book (“Moonwalk”) about Jackson’s life from his childhood till 1988, which has written by himself. Michael knew his life better than other people who have been with him for a long time in his life. Nobody can write a book about life of Jackson, nobody else Michael.

  4. Whilst I am fed up with the tabloid trash written about Michael over the past 30 years, and wish that the public would realise how much rubbish was spoken about him, I feel some trepidation at the thought of a “tell-all” book, especially when penned by someone who was so trusted by Michael. Michael’s private life should be just that – private – and privacy was something he craved.
    The Cascio’s made a big deal on Oprah out of being Michael’s second “secret” famiy – but are now welcoming the attention, and obviously gaining financially from both the album and the associated publicity.
    I truly hope the book is written with love, and does reveal Michael for the wonderful and loving person he was.


    AND NONE OF THEM SAVED HIM??? …..OK!!!!!!!


  6. Did mr cascio even ask Michaels children what they think of him ‘explaining his families relationship with them’ ,,, in a book ? Or did they just inherit their fathers faith , being disrespected and considered an asset and commodity for other peoples bank account ?
    Does a sincere relationship really needs explaining in a book? .
    If mr cascio seriously wanted to help children in Haiti why not just send money to one of the thousand local or international accredited organisations that are already in full operation.
    How is it that a family who prides themselves on being Michaels second silent family , since he passed became so very ….vocal and so openly cashing in on their relationship with Michael Jackson.
    Its all so predictable and ugly . Poor Michael.

  7. Is he also going to write about why he lied to Oprah when she asked if they ever saw MJ intoxicated ? Because he was obviously there in 2001-2005 when MJ was clearly drugged most of the time.

    Or what about the fact that his name was on numerous prescription pill bottles ? Is he going to mention that ?

    Because that’s what friends are for right ? Riding the wave of success and money along the troubled celebrity who is obviously in need of help, and then profiting with a “tell all” once the celebritiy dies. How convenient.

  8. I’m glad Frank Cascio and Frank DiLeo are writing books about their time with Mike. I want to hear it. And I want to hear Omer Bhatti’s story and the three bodyguards, too. In fact, the only kind of books I’m ever going to buy about Michael Jackson are the kind that portray him respectfully, honestly, and lovingly. These are the people MJ chose to be with; he loved them and they loved him. On Twitter and in other forums, I have asked them to tell their stories. I’m glad they heard me.

  9. Why are all of MJ’s “friends” profiteering from his death? He wasn’t even in the ground yet before Eddie was copyrighting those god-awful songs. Didn’t they get enough $$$ during MJ’s life? They traveled the world with him. Frank earned good money (I’m sure) when he worked for MJ. And what about that $600K MJ gave the father for his restaurant? Was that ever paid back? This family needs to go away and get off the Jackson coattails.

  10. I hope this is going to be a true book, and in that case I welcome it. But Frank actually did not stand by Michael during the trial as far as I know and he did release Breaking news. Maybe that doesn’t make him a bad person, but a weak one.

  11. Will he include a chapter about all the prescription drugs he obtained under his own name and gave to Michael Jackson?

    When the cops raided Neverland in 2003, they found bottle after bottle of pills with Frank’s name on the labels.

  12. Cannot wait to read this book as well as Frank Dileo’s. LMP said that there are less than 10 people in the whole world who really knew MJ. Frank C is clearly one of them. I am sick to death of people who walked passed MJ in a hallway once going on TV and giving expert opinions on him. Diane Dimond and company who proclaim themselves experts but have never met MJ are the ones who are shaping the public’s view of who MJ was. It is time we heard from the people who really were close to him. Frank knew MJ since the mid-eighties and practically lived at Neverland for years. He was old enough in the 90’s to know about the Jordy Chandler thing, Michael’s marriages, his alleged drug use, etc.. He knows Michaels kids well and Michael confided in him about his relationships. He was also an “undicted co-conspirator” – whatever that means – at Michael’s trial. My only appeal to Frank is – keep it real! Do not let some editor shape what you write. They will want to maintain the “asexual, pedo, drug addict, bankrupt” stereotype. The only way the fans will buy this book is if we think it is accurate. That does not mean we want a sanitised version of Michael – but we do have a better understanding of him than the general public and we will not tolerate the usual tabloid junk.

  13. I really don’t care whoever writes a book!!! People are out for self anyways. The legacy is Money. They do anything for it. This guy enjoyed the gifts, trip, food, money from Michael since he met him. Making money off his songs, now he want to make money off his life experience with him. He’s letting people get into his ear, all for the Money!!!!!

  14. @John Whyte

    I very much agree with you and the other posters saying similar things. Normally the idea of a tell all about MJ bothers me. However, there have been so many smear books written about MJ one of them by longtime employee Bob Jones that the scale on MJ books is always tipped toward negative books. Obviously his wasn’t the only negative book. I don’t think that Frank Cascio would ever tell anything that would hurt MJ’s legacy (any more than it already has been) If anything I think his book like Frank Dileo’s book and the bodyguards’ book wil only help MJ’s legacy. Even Smuley’s book which wasn’t totally positive all the time did help some people to understand Michael better in a similar way that his own autobiography “Moonwalk” did.

    I understand the people saying it’s invasion of privacy, but I think if these books are down in a tasteful way, it will help change the media’s characiture narrative that tabloids and smear books have helped to perpetuate.

  15. Yeah some of the crazies absolutely sabotaged the album and then blame Sony for not promoting it – I’m not talking about Leo above. It may not have sold well domestically without the crazies and the william and the ne yos but it certainly won’t sell without the fans support. They don’t even seem to realize they are hurting MJ’s estate and therefore his kids and seem to think he would approve of what they are doing. Crazies indeed. But, now that Sony knows what kind of support they get from his fan base there may be no more albums

  16. I don’t see this as a sell-out. I see it as the act of a loving friend. Frank Cascio and his brother were among the little boys Michael spent much time with. Frank was also there after he grew up to observe Michael’s interactions with other little boys. He is in a unique position to debunk the misconceptions about Michael and children that the media has maliciously fed the public for years. I wish Macauley Culkin, Brett Barnes, and Wade Robeson would write books too. Then maybe the general populace would begin to get it.

  17. Thank goodness at last someone who actually knew Jackson is going to write a book. The Casico boys knew Jackson since one of them was three years old. You may remember soon after Jackson married Lisa Marie he went to Europe with some “boys”; the media had a field day, in fact, it was the Casico family. Jackson tried to tell people that but of course it was never reported.

    They also spent a lot of time at Neverland so they will probably shed some much needed light on that too. They are the ones that gave him shelter when he first came back from the middle east after the trial. That’s when the tracks on the “Michael” album were recorded.

    They loved him (the entire Casico family did) and stuck with him through the fire. So did Frank DiLeo he was at Jackson’s trial almost every day. I hope he writes a book too, it would be a different time frame and different, more professional, perspective.

    I don’t care who gets the money if the truth gets out there.

  18. Looking forward to this – I find it hilarious that rabid MJ fans crticize Frank DiLeo and Frank Casico for wanting to write a book to tell the world about the REAL Michael they knew. Somehow, it appears these fans can’t distinguish between the slanderous and gossipy books about MJ and those that are legit. However, at the same time, they hand on every word from any crackpot like Pearl Jr., Geraldine Hughes and the likes. Or, hang on every word from anonymous “insiders” and bodyguards who worked for MJ for a couple of years. I will never understand.

  19. As an MJ fan, I think this sounds good. I don’t think the Cascio’s would say anything bad about him.
    This will be a good read, depending on some of the stories and coverage before its release, I may buy it.
    Shame no proceeds will be going to his kids, but they will have no money issues. Supporting schools is more important.

  20. I plan to buy Frank Cascio’s book and read it, because I know for sure
    he and his family were true friends of Michael Jackson, who took care of him and his children. I pray somehow the Cascios can maintain their
    friendship with Michael children: Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

  21. I am delighted that Frank will write a book about Michael, I hope to be translated into Italian, also because ‘Franck has Italian origins and Michael is very popular in Italy.
    Tanks Franck end God bless Michael

  22. he was a freind if he wants to write a book let him write a book. Michael was a public figure not a private citizen and when you are a public figure people are going to be curious about you.

  23. I would buy this book, and don’t think it sounds at all exploitative. I think hearing about Michael out of the spotlight — and his time spent with a regular family in New Jersey whom he clearly trusted and felt comfortable with — will reveal an interesting and real side of him most of us don’t know.

  24. To the two nuts above who don’t get it. Many people who never even knew Michael have written slanderous, untrue and unflattering books about Michael. Now we get two people who actually knew him, loved him and supported him for his entire life. They’re going to tell Michael’s story and I want to hear it, ESPECIALLY the wonderful person Michael was. I’m sure that Frank Cascio and Frank Dileo, of all people, will be able to tell Michael’s ups and downs from a loving point of view. Finally…finally! we’re going to hear about Michael the way he REALLY was, not some ginned up slanderous history designed to make money and not tell the true story. Thank you, Frank Cascio and Frank Dileo, for being willing to put up with asses like MichaelPureSoul and Two Birds. The way won’t be easy because crazy Michael Jackson fans will be out in droves to criticize. Stay the course.

  25. I am really glad that Frank Cascio is writing this book. The Cascios were loyal friends to MIchael through some terrible times. Michael chose these people to be his alternate family. Who are we to question that? This will be a book that will finally tell the truth about who Michael Jackson really was. It’s about time that someone who actually knows Michael writes the truth about him to counter all those “tell all” books by people who never even met him. THe Cascios didn’t betray Michael in life; they will not betray him in death. It’s time to clear the legacy. I’m pleased to hear of Mr. Cascio’s plans.

  26. I think it’s a good thing. The Cascios were loyal friends to Michael and clearly love him very much. They will only have positive things to say.

    There is a lot of criticism around the Cascio tracks on the new album, but apart from Breaking News the other two are absolutely clearly Michael, and they’re excellent tracks.

    Roger, can you ask Sony what they’re gonna do to promote this album? They’re letting it lapse when it has huge potential, and the songs are strong.

  27. I think it is about those who really knew Michael setting the record straight and I believe that is to be welcomed. We have had a proliferation of c*@p through the years, including in book form, from those pertaining to know the truth. Frank Cascio and Frank Dileo both knew Michael up close and personal. Anything that helps towards restoring Michael’s good name is to be applauded. Why should we just hear from those who didn’t know him that well and want to profit from him, as they have done for years. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Roger.

  28. Why the proliferation of books on Michael now? First Frank D now Frank C. I wonder where they are going to have a difference of opinion. Does Frank C want to get the attention of Michael’s children since he has no contact with them now?

    Who’s next?

  29. So WHAT !! He needs to SHUT THE %^*&* up !! Nobody needs to know about Michael’s private life. If Michael would have wanted such he would have done his own book while alive. Now all the leeches crawl from under their rocks. He would never do this with Michael alive, it doesn’t even matter if it intends to be positive. NOOO, leave his privacy ALONE !!

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